May 23, 2014

Bullet-Pointed Baby Thoughts

  • Week 34. Hoo-boy. We’re in the “so close but so far” territory. And it is really starting to feel so close, and I don’t mean esoterically. I’m slow. I’m heavy. She’s so big that she doesn’t have the room to frolic like she used to so (it feels like) she’s having to settle for alligator rolls and hiccups. Oh, the hiccups! Otherwise I think I’m enjoying all the regular third trimester adventures – chronic heartburn, puffy toes, needing a “warm up” to get up off the floor.
  • Baby G is supposedly measuring around 5 lbs currently. I have no idea how accurate that is. We’ll go with it for now. And to think, they were worried she’d be too small! I finally got a decent look at her earlier this week. Oh, I get 1 ultrasound a week now (minimum) until this is all over. Pretty sweet. She might even get superpowers out of this.
    Anyway, she is still head-down and WAY low but this time had her face turned to the side, so I got to see her little nose. I guess all baby noses look alike to begin with. But it was a cute one. She also had her foot up over her head. Which at first was impressive, then a little frightening when I considered how close we are to D-day. I’m sure it’s already moved back down (I’ll see on Tuesday) but yeesh. *shudder*
  • I read that now is a good time to start shopping for nursing bras, because your boobs at 8 months are supposedly as big as your nursing boobs will get. If that’s the case, I’m pretty disappointed. Because, yeah, there hasn’t been much of any change on that front that I can tell. I had to buy new bras to accommodate a new band size, but the cup is essentially the same. I guess that’s part of the whole “weight going all to the belly.”
  • Oh! I found an awesome baby swing at the thrift store this week. I’m still really excited about it. A $100 swing for $30! It’s already washed and in the living room, ready to go!
  • Speaking of washing, someone asked me the other day if I’ve started “nesting” yet. I somehow managed not to laugh out loud. You should see the condition of the nursery. And I just remembered I was going to dust the living room.
    I really hope I turn into one of those psycho scrub the kitchen floor with a toothbrush nesting moms before she gets here. I need to. At the moment, I’m more concerned with keeping my feet from feeling like they’re exploding – that is, keeping them elevated as much as possible. Hopefully the urge to purge will kick in before too long.
  • Sorry this one is so blah. I’m tired. Haven’t slept much this week. It wouldn’t be so bad, really, because she only wakes me up a couple of times. And the dogs wake me up once or twice. Individually, that’s not that bad. Put together…makes for some long nights. Achilles has this uncanny ability to wake me up exactly 3-5 minutes before the alarm (mine or SoldierMan’s) goes off. And since our alarms are usually over an hour apart, he hits both times. Dog! Although sometimes it’s followed by sweet sleepy puppy snuggles, like yesterday. I don’t mind that as much. I’ll have more to talk about next week, I’m sure.


  1. Woo-hoo for thrift shops!

    Sending good thoughts for better/more rest this week.

  2. Yeah with my first child, my boobs almost doubled After my full milk came in. Don't worry. :)

  3. Hope,you are enjoying your weekend!

  4. Oooook. I literally LOLed at the boobs/bra statement. Because I'm pretty sure my boobs were TWICE the size they were when I was 8 months pregnant when my milk came in. Both times. So, sure. Go nursing bra shopping. But leave some room. ;-) And buy some comfy ones! No wires. Stretchy. Tip of the day for you.

    I didn't start nesting with either one of the girls until like the last month-ish. And more with Charlotte because I knew her induction date, and I knew my in-laws would be visiting, etc. With Millie....her room was ready like 1 week before I went into labor. And I spent the next feeling like my house would never get clean enough. The night I went into labor? I stayed up cleaning the kitchen and folding laundry. Which is seriously hilarious looking back. WHO DOES THAT?! Haha!


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