May 16, 2014

Bullet-Pointed Baby Thoughts

  • “Your body is a masterpiece and deserves to be praised by all humanity! You are exquisite and if your body changes a little or a lot after birth, celebrate your change! It's an honor that thousands of other women can only dream of having. Relax into your perfection and be kind to yourself! Being a mother is challenging enough without despising our beautiful and powerful bodies.”
    I read that quote the other day and it hit me at exactly the right moment. Maternity pics are tomorrow, and it’s a little ridiculous, how nervous I am. I haven’t had real portraits taken in a long time, like several years, so it’s way more nervewracking than it should be. I keep trying to talk myself up the way I would a client, but maybe it doesn’t mean as much unless it comes from another person.
    Either way, I am looking forward to having had them done, and I know that in 10 years I’ll be thankful I did. Honestly, one of the parts of pregnancy I’ve been most excited about was getting o do maternity pictures with SoldierMan. I still haven’t figured out what I want him to wear.
  • It’s been a crazy week around here. Mother’s Day was an adventure but it also had good points. Got pretty flowers and breakfast in bed, a nice big family Sunday nap, pizza for dinner that I didn’t make, and lots of laughing through the day. It’s now a good story and a fun memory.
  • The rest of the week was pretty busy, for me. 3 (routine) hospital trips, several other appointments on post, and tonight is my very last Spouse Club luncheon, where I “officially” hand over my position to the new person taking my position. More about that later.
    Anyway, after running around (in my new boots!) all week, Wednesday night, I could feel a crash coming on. So I cancelled my commitments for yesterday and decided to relax. I hate being a flake, but boy was it the right decision. I was a total blob yesterday, and not because I wanted to be. I thought I’d take it easy, watch some movies, do some laundry, that kind of thing. Instead I was a zombie for most of the day. I haven’t been this tired since February.
    Seriously, I don’t know how moms of multiples do it. How do you take care of kids who are already here and not totally burn out every single day? Or do you and the rest of us just can’t tell? In all honesty, major respect.
  • SoldierMan has been a real man about this pregnancy. That is, he has totally stepped up these last however many months. Like, the day after the puppy bite, I was still really sore (still am, it bruised my whole calf) but I had appointments and things that day. So when he got home from work, he went and did the grocery shopping, solo. That’s usually my job, and I am glad to do it, but it was really nice having someone else do it for me. I almost never have to ask for help with anything, which is good, because like admitting when I need to slow down (see above) asking for help is not something I am good at, even, perhaps especially, with him. It’s not because I don’t think I need him, I guess I just don’t like to look like I need him. Maybe it’s a byproduct of deployment. But having him here – and not just having someone here, having him here – has made all the difference.
    Not to mention, he really makes me feel like I am rocking this baby belly. He’s been generous with the compliments and PDA, which means so much more now than I knew it would. He makes me feel very spoiled.
    And it’s also been so fun to see him get excited for Baby G to get here. We’re both excited and nervous and intimidated and overwhelmed, but being able to do it together, with him, I am thankful every day that is the case. I know that the nature of the military is such that many, perhaps most, couples in the last decade haven’t been able to spend every single day of a pregnancy together, and we should be able to spend every day of her first year together. It’s an unusual blessing in this life and I am so thankful. Not least because I’ve gotten to see him really flourish in this phase of our life.
    You know that saying, “I never knew how much I loved your father until I saw how much he loved you?” I didn’t expect to really feel that until after she was born, but I get it now. Impending parenthood has really brought out the best in him. :) He really is the man of my dreams.


  1. Loving all your posts! Wishing you the very best and sending lots of love from back in the Sooner state!


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