May 10, 2014

Bullet-Pointed Baby Thoughts

  • 32 Weeks! 8 months!! No way!!
    I can’t believe we’re this far. And at the same time, I can’t believe there’s still “so far” to go. I have loved being pregnant, really. It’s been awesome. I know it isn’t like that for everyone and I genuinely am thankful I’ve been able to enjoy every day of this pregnancy.
    But, you know, time can speed up now. :)
    8 month eval: Stretch marks are here, but primarily over old ones from when my hips came in back in high school. So that’s not bad. Still wearing my wedding ring. Belly button still an innie. Definitely more waddle than walk in my gait. I would much rather lie flat than sit. I have to wear my belly band every day to avoid pains in the evening. I’m pretty much always catching my breath. And it takes twice as long to do anything. All basically normal stuff, I think. So that’s good. “On par” is exactly where I want to be.
  • Because
    high risk pregnancy non stress test fetal monitoring
    32 weeks = the start of NSTs. Twice a week, I go to L&D and they monitor my blood pressure and Baby G’s heat rate for a while. Once a week, they will also measure my amniotic fluid (read: extra ultrasounds!!) So it’s a good thing that other things in my life are winding down, because this is my life now. Yay, special snowflake!
    It’s really not that bad. I get to go lay down (that particular day I was the only one in that whole “ward”) and play on my phone, or hopefully in the future, write. I could eat. I can do pretty much whatever I want until the nurse has enough readings on us. The first time took over an half an hour (less than the 2 hours they originally quoted me!). And that was only because Baby G was asleep at the beginning.
    Aside: I had no idea how much she moved in her sleep. She’s a squirmy thing, but apparently a lot of those squirms are unconscious. I know this because she was wiggling pretty much the entire time. But asleep.
    So guess what. We have to wake her up. And when just kneading my belly didn’t do the trick (owwie) the nurse brought out a buzzer thingy, like from the game Taboo, and buzzed it against my belly.
    You know how you react to an airhorn waking you up from a dead sleep? Basically the same thing. Owwie again. Plus the ultrasound. I did get a few pics from it but basically they look like storm cloud formations. I can see a nose this time, though. I know it’s too early to call the shape, but it looks like she got it from SoldierMan’s family. We’ll see how it grows once she’s here.
    Anyway, by the time it was all said and done, it felt like I had been assaulted from the inside. Even a bath that night didn’t really help that much. I’m sure recovery will get shorter as I get more used to this process. But geez. Don’t piss off my baby.
  • The very nice nurse whom I will now be spending two mornings a week with, she also totally didn’t follow my advice on where Baby G was hanging out. I laid down and she said, “I’m just going to feel your belly to find where the baby is.” And I cautiously said, “Ok…” I haven’t gotten that kind of a workover since my last massage. I warned her that Baby G was lower than she was expecting. And she STILL put the monitor on too high!
    I know I’m a newb at this, but I’m not an idiot. If I tell you the baby is in a certain place, I promise, I’m not lying to you!
  • Otherwise, I like this nurse and I’m glad she’s the one I’ll be spending time with for the next while. She’s nice and leaves me alone :)
  • Speaking of pissed off babies (weren’t we?) my cousin posted this article to facebook this week: What’s Behind a Temper Tantrum? Scientist Deconstruct the Screams. And I thought it was interesting. It makes sense. Even as adults, if you’re thoroughly pissed off, the more anyone tries to reason with you, placate you, rationalize with you – interact with you in general – you only get more agitated, not less. You have to burn through the plain rage until you get to the point where you’re only upset, and then you are willing to be soothed. Which makes sense why, when I was growing up, the best parents I knew with the least annoying kids, weren’t the ones who tried to “deal” with tantrums. That kid got slung under an arm and ignored until they “got over it.” Not the easiest method, but apparently the most effective.
  • Finished another wall in the nursery:
    nursery gallery wall thomas kinkade disney dreams
    I have been planning this wall ever since we found out Baby G was a girl. Basically I went on Amazon and bought the most recent Thomas Kinkade Disney Dreams calendar (once I found it for a reasonable price), got the picture frames for 50% off at Hobby Lobby, and made my first really successful gallery wall over the books. Unfortunately, Tiana and Rapunzel haven’t been “calendar-ized” yet, but once they are, I’ll add them, too.
    The blingy letters are from my mom :)
    Seriously, words cannot express how excited I am that this turned out. I love it when a plan comes together!
  • Finally, I got my very first Mother’s Day presents this weekend:
    cowboy boots tony lama10250250_10100886598496741_3463409103521201918_n
    (Finally, as in, the last bullet point, not “finally I got some swag.”)
    The coffee and chocolate basket from my Sister and Brother, which was a very welcome surprise!
    And the boots from SoldierMan. I have been wanting some pretty boots for a long time, and now that I’ve got maternity pictures coming up, it seemed like the right time. Also, you know, Mother’s Day. :)
    Of course, around here, you not only have Mother’s Day, you have Dia de las Madres, which is the day before Mother’s Day this year (today!). And so I’m enjoying both this weekend. :)
    Don’t forget to call your moms, those of you who are able.
    And for those who aren’t, may your Mother’s Day be filled with warm, happy memories.
  • And to all the mommies out there who have never been able to hold your babies, I’m sending all my love and prayers to each of you for a peaceful day full of anticipation for a glorious heavenly reunion with your sweet ones. I know this weekend is a painful one. I very humbly would like to share my friend’s blog, Populating Paradise, which she wrote specifically for mommies with babies in Heaven, as a mommy with 5 babies in Heaven. I pray it brings you peace and hope.


  1. Happy 1st Mother's Day!

    I love the gallery wall. And super cite boots!

  2. During most tantrums, I do about the same thing. Let her scream and cry, and then deal with her.


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