April 2, 2014

Captain ‘Merica

Yesterday was a big day in the SoldierMan household – the long awaited promotion day finally arrived!


He ordered the cake himself. In case that wasn’t clear. :)



They told us we had to cut it wedding-style. With a saber. Because it’s a Cav unit.

I’m so proud of my SoldierMan for all his hard work and his excellent record. Lots of changes are heading our way this year, and this was one of them and a precursor to others. I know he’ll only become a better leader and I’m so thankful to be walking this road with him.

Congrats, Babe, and enjoy it. You deserve it. ‘Merica!


  1. Yay! I love seeing people who deserve it getting promoted! Congrats to him!

  2. Congrats! :) Definitely an exciting time. I still kick myself for missing Kyle's promotion to Captain.

  3. Yay promotion!! And what a fun way to celebrate!

  4. Congratulations, SoldierMan!


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