April 26, 2014

Bullet-Pointed Baby Thoughts

30 weeks

  • We made 30 weeks this week! In-sane. So it was time for a new belly pic. It took me several hours over 2 days to get these shots before I finally just gave up. Achilles helped with that. He had been waiting in the hall for me to finish so he could come in the room and take a nap. He likes to have his afternoon nap at precisely the same time in his bed in the bedroom. My photo session was messing with that routine. He let me know he didn’t appreciate it :) Oh dog, you won’t be The Baby of the house for much longer!
  • Had yet another appt this week. The portion with my actual OB went very well. I remembered all my questions and got the answers I wanted, which is always nice! Confirmed that I’m doing good and Baby G is doing good and everybody is happy.
    Funny story - It wouldn’t be a trip to COB without some minor annoyance. Of course, the first thing that happens when the nurse takes you back is that she checks for the baby’s heartbeat. So I lean back and roll down my pants, and she brings out that ultrasound gel stuff and like every nurse, starts squirting it way at the top of my uterus. Now, for those of you who haven’t been pregnant and/or aren’t versed in obstetrics, by this point the uterus starts about 4 inches above the belly button. At least, mine does. Whereas Baby G likes to hang out about 4 inches below my belly button. Has every since the day I could start feeling her move, way back at Week 14 (yikes! That was a long time ago!)
    So, like usual, I tell the nurse, “Oh, she’s lower than that.” I figure I’m being helpful, saving her the time and frustration (and potential anxiety) of not detecting a heartbeat. She gives me this “smile” that’s incredibly placating, and moves the wand down maybe 1/2 an inch.
    ”No, I mean way down here,” and I point to the last place I felt Baby G move, earlier that morning. Practically even with my hip bone.
    The nurse gives me that “smile” again and says, “Oh, no, it’s too early for her to be down there, she’s up here right now.” And keeps looking up high above and around my belly button. So, now I’m probably more irritated than I should be, so I just lay back and say nothing. Hey, I’ve got nowhere else to be, she can take as long as she wants.
    And she does. Back and forth and back and forth and need more cold gel….
    And back and forth and back and forth and more gel….
    Moving a little lower, back and forth, back and forth…
    Finally she starts to get low enough, and she puts on even more gel, and we start to hear the echo of the heartbeat, like she’s getting closer…
    Baby G punched the wand so hard that it literally threw the nurse’s hand back and startled her so much she shouted.
    And I couldn’t help it. There was a cocky smirk on my face.
    ”Yeah, she doesn’t like the wands.”
    Seriously, this child has hiccups for a half an hour every night. I know precisely where she likes to chill.
    The best part was, now the nurse thought she had found Baby G. So she goes back to the same spot -
    Baby G is gone (which I knew, of course, but didn’t tell her.)
    She had moved to the other side of my belly.
    So the nurse slowly travels the wand over there…
    Another kick, another swim to the other side of my belly.
    Back and forth
    2 more times
    Before Baby G finally settled in and stayed in one place long enough for the nurse to get a reading.
    It was the most uncomfortable and hilarious 10 minutes I’ve had in COB all year.
    I’d like to think this was Baby G giving the nurse a hard time for being such a snot to her mommy. That’s how I’m choosing to remember it.
  • Okay, that was a super-long story. I’m still getting a kick out of it.
  • I hired a maternity/hospital photographer! I’m so excited! We’re already planning my maternity session and I can’t wait! I haven’t had someone else take my pictures in a long time, so I’d be lying if I didn’t say there was some minor anxiety involved, strictly from the prospect of surrendering control of the camera to someone else (even though it’s her camera, not mine). I think I’m a pretty easy-going person, but when a camera’s involved, I’m a Castro-level tyrant. Hopefully I can be well-behaved for this lady. Those aren’t for another couple of weeks and I’m sure I won’t have the full session photos until after the baby is born, but as soon as I have anything, of course I’ll share them.
  • Oh oh oh – another funny story. So earlier this week, I had a routine Echocardiogram. And this time there were a couple of soldiers who did it. I guess they were training for a test or something. Anyway, so for an echocardiogram, you basically lay on the table topless while they look at your system from various angles. Here they place a towel over you for modesty, which is of course always appreciated. But I have been in places where they don’t.
    Anyway, so I get undressed and lay on the table, and the soldier, a young guy, is hooking the electrodes onto my chest and there’s also one that goes towards the bottom of your rib cage, which of course is now where my belly is. And we’re talking about Easter and stuff – and remember, at this point he has not only seen me upright and dressed, but laid out and not dressed – and he pauses for a second and says,
    ”So….are you…..pregnant?”
    I blinked. “Yes.”
    And he laughs that laugh of relief and says, “Oh okay, you know, you really can’t assume and it’s always kind of, you know, if you ask someone…”
    Look at that picture up there.
    That’s how I looked that day. Just sayin’.
    Part way through, another soldier, a young female, took over, and finished the echo, and there’s this one thing they always do where basically they dig the wand down and up underneath your sternum, to try and see behind it from that angle. (They also dig down and under from up top. The only parts of an echo where you can’t fall asleep).
    So she gets ready to do that part, which I’m expecting, and I say something like, “Yeah, that’s hard enough normally, I don’t know how you’re going to do it with an obstacle in the way.”
    And she laughs and says, “Yeah….so…..by ‘obstacle,’…do you mean….?”
    ”A baby? Yes, that’s what I mean.”
    More nervous laughing. “Okay, okay, I just wanted to make sure, you know…”
    Now, in their defense, they are in the cardiology clinic, not the obstetrics clinic, but really now.
    Really now.
  • Okay, two long stories this time. Sorry.
  • I think it’s time for another picture, to break this up:
    From this month’s OCSA luncheon. We had a photobooth thing. That’s Mimi. She’s awesome.
  • I think the puppies are starting to sense what’s happening. Achilles has been super jealous this week. If I start showing Jeb lovins, unless Achilles is sleepy, he has to jump in between us and take the lovins instead. And Jeb seems to be jealous of the belly. He really and truly can no longer lay on my lap to the extent that he would like, so he sometimes tries to wiggle his head beneath my belly and my thighs. Doesn’t work that way, buddy. Sorry.
  • Some people have been requesting more stories about SoldierMan related to Baby G and the belly-ness. He finally got to feel her kick this week, and that was awesome. Technically she had hiccups and he was most likely feeling her little head bouncing off my side, but it’s basically the same sensation from the outside. He just sat there fore a minute and said, “Wow. That’s so weird….and you just have to sit there and take it, ha!” Yup, pretty much. Unless she starts hurting me. Then I give the spot she’s hitting a little thump with my finger and she moves. (Not for hiccups, that would be too mean, just for the prolonged stretches that hurt like the Dickens.)
  • Pretty much every night we go to bed and turn on the TV to watch a couple of episodes on Netflix, and that’s when she usually gets the hiccups and does her night time rolling around and stretches and stuff. And she’s big enough now that you can just sit back and watch it all happen (depending on where she is. Like a say, she’s super low, so often it’s on the underside of my belly that I can’t see) but usually I lay there and follow her movements with my fingers, because it’s just so stinkin’ cool to feel her move and imagine what she looks like and her expressions and stuff. The other day I caught him watching me watch her, and he had the sweetest look on his face. I still can’t get over it.
    I am loving this time of having this exclusive, if temporary, connection with Baby G, even with the uncomfortable moments. I know it won’t last forever, and I’m definitely looking forward to the day I can see her with my own eyes and share her with her daddy, when he gets to carry her and feel her move around and get excited when she reacts to something. I can’t help feeling a little sorry for him that he has to wait another couple of months until then. But it’ll come quickly enough, that’s for sure.
  • And also, because I don’t say it nearly enough, I need to give SoldierMan a major shout-out. I’m still pretty “able” right now, but it does take me longer to get normal life things done, and tasks are fewer and father between at a time just because I’m slowing down (this whole “breathing” thing, who knew it was something you’d have to really think about, like fairly often?) and so on top of going to work before the sun comes up and doing all the large maintenance stuff on the weekends, he’s been doing so much of what I would normally do, just so I don’t have to do it. Like vacuuming. Which is just vacuuming, right? But anymore I have to take a break even when I’m just vacuuming the living room. So having someone else do it a couple or a few times a week is a huge blessing. It’s really wonderful to feel so appreciated. He’s taking wonderful care of me and Baby G. He’s going to be such a great daddy.
  • Wow, this turned out way longer than I thought it would. Many thoughts for just one week. If you made it all the way through, mega dittos. (I went back and highlighted some words for emphasis, so you can jump around if you don’t want to read the entire novel I put here this week. Thanks for playing.)


  1. Since you did bullet points, I shall respond in kind ;-)
    -love your shirt/dress in the OCSA picture
    -hilarious that little one showed the nurse sass
    -can't get over the people asking if you are pregnant lol
    -looking forward to adorable baby/puppy photos :-)

  2. I love the first picture! Too cute. :)

  3. You look so cute :) Even though I was obviously pregnant, most people made awkward comments until about week 32. By that point, if it wasn't pregnancy, it was a tumor so people felt safe to ask. Random question that you can respond to by e-mail if you don't think I'm super creepy, you are in Texas right? I feel like it might be Bliss but I could be totally wrong. We just got to Texas so I am curious.

  4. Here I thought Baby P was feisty, but I think Baby G has her beat! I love how nurses don't think the mother knows where the baby is. I mean, when you have an active baby, you're pretty well versed on where she's located and hangs out. That whole experience made me laugh. I would have been cocky too if I'd been in your shoes.

    What is up with the hiccups by the way? Baby P has been getting them more and more each week and it sounds like she has them about as much as Baby G.

    Not too much longer!!


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