April 18, 2014

Bullet-Pointed Baby Thoughts

This is two weeks’ worth of thoughts, so there’s a bit more than usual.

  • Let’s start with some happy news:
    I had another ultrasound yesterday, this time with the MFM (commonly known as perinatologist, but at my hospital they’re just called “the MFM.” *shrug*). We had a couple of things we needed to check up on. Baby G measured right where they liked, pretty much straight along the 50th percentile in every possible way. Not too big, not too small. Just right. :)
    And, the big one – that ultrasound picture up there is a close-up of her little heart. Because I had congenital heart defects, that’s obviously something they were wanting to be on the lookout for.
    And the very good news – she’s got her Daddy’s heart – perfectly formed and pumping away.
    All this good news definitely made up for the 0400 wakeup I had that morning, and was the perfect way to start this weekend!
  • The other day my mom and I were talking and she said, “I had a dream the other night that the baby was born, she had a head full of black hair!” And I said, “That’s funny, I keep dreaming the baby is born, and she has lots of black hair, too.”
    This is funny, not only because we’re having the same dream elements, but because the babies in my family are not born with hair, and I don’t think any of us have black hair. Maybe my Dad did, but I’m pretty sure it was closer to dark brown. Anyway, funny.
    Then I had a dream Baby G was a toddler and had long medium brown hair (the color I was born with). Also wishful thinking – at that age, I still had wispys everywhere and needed Scotch Tape to hold the bows on. But a girl can dream.
  • Last week was the infamous glucose testing. If you follow me on twitter, you may have picked up on that from all the whining. Believe me, I was holding back.
    My OB told me not to fast before the one-hour because I was pretty terrified of getting my blood drawn on an empty stomach.
    Big mistake. Failed.
    Got incredibly pissed off.
    I knew I didn’t have GD.
    Started doing some research and found out that the medication I’m on will fake out glucose tests. The manufacturers specifically do NOT recommend it for diabetics for that reason.
    You may ask, what’s the big deal about having GD? It only lasts for a couple of months and the worst part is you eat healthier for your baby, right?
    Well, in the short term, yes. But for those who aren’t aware, a GD diagnosis is linked to increased likelihood in developing Type II Diabetes within the next 10-15 years, especially in women over the age of 25 (I hate being old).
    And all that goes in your medical records.
    Which matters if, as many people do, one were to try to obtain or increase life insurance in their 30s.
    So my biggest concern was that I might wind up with crap in my medical records that didn’t actually belong there, because A) I didn’t fast, on the recommendation of my doctor, and B) medications were interfering with the test. And then wind up paying for it (literally) later.
    So I stayed pretty stressed out for about 48 hours until I made it back to take the three-hour test, and all weekend while I waited for the phone call with the results.
    And, like the wailing and gnashing of teeth over the little orange drink (seriously, it’s basically Hi-C), it was much ado about nothing. Three-hour test came back just fine.
    But dang, that was annoying.
  • Facebook-20140415-014913
    Me last week with fellow OCSArs. Blog post forthcoming. And I am making an effort to get back in the sun now that it’s warming up.
  • It seems we’ve entered the Excessive Snoring phase of pregnancy. Poor SoldierMan. And apparently it’s been going on for a while. To his credit, he didn’t bring it up until I specifically asked about it. And he laughed. But that may have been delirium.
  • I realize I’m hormonal and emotional right now, but I’m a little ashamed at how quickly my feelings towards my OB snapped north to south to north again over those few days stressing about that stupid test. Oh well.
  • Oh! The baby book dilemma. I bit the bullet and won the exact album I wanted on ebay. So I’ve been hammering away pulling together pages and templates and stuff. It’s so much fun. More fun than even working on the nursery. I get so pumped about it I want to take pictures of every page I finish to show you…but I won’t, because that’s just crazy overload. :)


  1. Glad you sorted out the whole GD issue. What a pain in the neck! I was so worried I was going to fail mine and then was grateful I didn't. Although almost passing out during the blood draw because of an incompetent lab person wasn't cool.

    Your bullet about snoring made me laugh so hard. Sean has not slept in our bedroom in a few months as he said my snoring is out of control. Ha!

  2. So glad that little one's heart is looking perfect & that the GD debacle came to a good ending. It will be interesting to see if your dreams hold any truth!

  3. So happy that Baby G has a precious healthy heart!


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