April 1, 2014


Today officially marks 5 years of blogging for this little space. The name and the face has changed a few times, but one way or another, we’ve been around since 2009.

Blogging has been very good to me these last 5 years. Even without all the more material perks, the relationships and resources I’ve found via blogging – that is, all of you – have filled my life with so much goodness. I admit that I haven’t been very consistent or inspired lately, but as usual y’all are always there for me.

So, thank you, all of you reading this, for being here for the last five years. For being friends and confidants and encouragers and commiseraters and advisors.To the ones I’ve been lucky enough to meet in person and the ones who are still “just” internet friends. To the commenters and the lurkers and the sharers. I wouldn’t still be here if it weren’t for you.


  1. Happy Anniversary! Still holding out hope we'll be stationed somewhere together someday! :)


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