March 28, 2014

Bullet-Pointed Baby Thoughts

  • This week’s project was putting the crib/crib wall together-ish. I like the way it turned out.
    Every time I look at it I love it more. Even though I know she won’t be using the crib right away (that’s not our intention, at least) it makes me feel better knowing it’s there, waiting for her. Smile
  • I’m looking at “baby books,” to get started early. Usually this would be a no-brainer, as I love scrapbooking and always planned to do her baby book from scratch. But my go-to scrapbooking company, Creative Memories, is no more. They are now Ahni and Zoe. And if you aren’t into traditional scrapbooking and prefer smashbooking or the slide-in style albums, you should definitely check them out.
    But I totally prefer traditional scrapbooking, and they aren’t really catering to that market anymore. Makes me sad. And the quality of their products has pretty much spoiled me for anything from Hobby Lobby. At least their hardware. It’s hard core. So I’ve been trolling the internet trying to find defunct CM stuff. We’ll see how this goes. ebay annoys me.
  • Had another COB appt this week and it went well. Apparently my suspicions were correct and Baby G does hang out lower in my belly than the average bear, which I am concluding based on the fact that I had to tell the nurse trying to find her heartbeat “lower, no lower” too many times. (Which, by the way, was a little awkward, because she had to get LOW.)
    I came prepared with a list of questions, which the doc answered as fully as I compelled her to. Maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s just everyone else, but I do feel like they tend to paraphrase and over-summarize things during these appointments, and (thanks to pregnancy brain) I have to really make an effort to focus on trying to understand what she’s saying enough to come up with enough questions to make sure I really understand what she’s saying. That might not make much sense. I don’t know.
    Anyway. Starting here soon, I’m going to be a semi-permanent resident up at the hospital. Between appointments with the MFM, COB, and…other department I can’t remember the acronym for but is located inside L&D, I’ll be up there 2-3 a week my entire 3rd trimester. Which is why I actually got my flu shot this year.
    I really think all this should entitle me to my own parking space at the hospital. If only, right?
  • I do want to say that thus far, I’ve had a very good experience with my care team. I’m with COB – Complicated OB – as opposed to the regular OB in Women’s Health. So I can’t speak for that. I don’t go to the Centering (shudder) and I’ve only encountered one of the midwives at WBAMC, and that was for acute care, but I liked her. I really don’t have any complaints in this area.
    People told me the OB appointments would feel “rushed,” and I guess maybe they do compared to some others, but they pull me in, check the baby’s heartbeat, check that my belly growth is good, and if I don’t have any questions, they just let me go. And I’m not there to hang out and have coffee, so that doesn’t really bother me (other than the 20 minute drive followed by the 20 minute wait for a 5-10 minute appointment followed by 20 minutes home again, but there’s not much you can do about that).
    This time, I actually had questions, and when I asked, she answered me fully and without rushing. Can’t ask for more than that.


  1. That's a really cute crib, I love the design on the bedding! Have fun basically living in the hospital haha!

    Just A Girl

  2. I'm glad that you aren't feeling rushed and that they are answering all your questions. There is nothing more frustrating than leaving with more questions than you came in with.

  3. I LOVE how your nursery has turned out!!
    I bought a regular baby book from Babies R Us and have scrapbooked the inside of it. I like it because it has pages with the important info and details for me to fill out.

  4. Her bed is adorable! Love the adipose. :)

    Is centering bad at Bliss? I did it with Piglet and loved it. 2 hours with my midwife every appt with a class. So great but I've heard other people have bad experiences.

  5. I have a super low baby too. I'm only 14 weeks and I had a an unfortunate ER visit this week (everything is fine) but we had two male nurses. And I kept telling them to go lower, and lower based on what it took my doc at my last appt, but i think they felt awkward, especially since my hubby was in the room. Poor guys. But eventually they found it! :)

  6. I was regular OB, but I never felt rushed and always taken care of. I enjoyed almost all of the midwives I saw and they were very thorough. But, like you, I asked for honesty and thoroughness from the very beginning and I was equally honest about my concerns with my care.

    Sorry you're going to be up there so much. They should give you a parking spot to make it easier, and potentially a personal coffee (half-caf) delivery upon your arrival. Ha ha!


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