February 28, 2014

Bullet-Pointed Baby Thoughts

  • I had my latest COB appointment this week. Lasted a grand total of 5 minutes, of course, followed by 30 minutes in the pharmacy for more prenatals. But Baby G is doing well – measuring right on track, which is good, because there was concern she would be small due to my heart issues. And she may be in the end, but right now, she’s just the “right” size. Which makes me feel a lot better about the cardiologist’s comment last week. As long as she’s big enough, I’m big enough.
  • Speaking of big, here’s a nice updated belly pic for you:
    22 weeks
    Something happened between Saturday night and Sunday night. I turned off the TV, saw my reflection in the screen, and about yelped. WHERE did that belly come from! I swear it wasn’t there the day before! This is the first week I’ve officially felt “large and in charge.” At least, compared to my old self. Which seems appropriate considering where we are in this process.
  • Baby G has found my bladder. That’s no fun. Especially when you’re driving and suddenly doubling over saying, “Please stop, baby girl. Please stop. Please stop.” Thankfully she doesn’t linger there and generally only does her Kenpo in regions where it’s still neat and fun. And it is still neat and fun. I’m loving feeling her wake up and move around in there.
  • Which reminds me of a conversation we had the other day. I was talking to SoldierMan about how she’s more active now. And he asked if I could feel her moving all the time. I said, no, it’s usually around 7:00 in the morning, around 9:00 at night, and a couple of times in between, for various periods of time. (Mornings last the longest, sometimes up to 30 minutes!) “The rest of the day, she’s just chilling.”
    And I was thinking about how peaceful that sounded, to be warm and weightless and floating, no cares or concerns….and suddenly SoldierMan says, “Gosh, that sounds boring!”
    Hahaha, just goes to show our different personalities!
  • Something I’ve been tossing around in my head is from an old news article that I can’t find anymore, and I don’t really want to google too much for it. It’s about “Peter File”s.

    (that’s a very funny clip about a very serious subject, and I’m posting it for levity and clarity)
    This article was arguing for the reclassification of Peter Files to having various degrees, to include a kind of classification of a “non-harmful Peter File”. And yes, this was an article in a legitimate periodical like Washington Times. Anyway, they were saying that, essentially, not all Peter Files are created equal and so they shouldn’t all be lumped in together as the same.
    The justification for this was that there are allegedly lots of Peter Files who recognize that actually, um, interacting with minors is wrong. So instead, they troll the internet and just look at pictures, not p*rnography, but family pictures that people post, some Peter Files seeking pictures involving children as young as 6 months old. These Peter Files insist they have no intention of ever seeking out these children or any children in “real life,” they just need to look at pictures on the internet.
    And so we come to the question as old as interneting itself: how much of your family do you share online? I fully intend to post baby pictures of Baby G on facebook because I can control who sees them there (at least to a degree). But what about the blog? I haven’t even put her name in the body of a blog post. But what about pictures?
    I mean, come on, I’m going to take a ton of pictures of her. And I’ll want to share them everywhere. And it’s not even image thieves we need to worry about so much, apparently, just browsers. So watermarks and right-click-blocks don’t do anything.
    Let’s be honest, I don’t think there’s a way on God’s green earth I won’t be sharing any pictures of this kid. But this definitely put a new spin on things that I honestly had never considered. 6 months old?
    So, mommy bloggers, what do you think? How do you think through this?
    And please believe, I’m not trying to be the latest fear-monger. Mommies have plenty to worry about. I am fully aware the the only way to completely avoid freaks on the internet is to get completely off the internet, and that ain’t gonna happen. I’m just interested to hear your thoughts about this.


  1. I love bellies! I can't wait for mine to pop! I'm still in that awkward "is she fat or pregnant" stage..
    Ugh. The pictures is something I toss back and forth too. For a while, I thought watermarking was the solution. Now I realise that it probably makes it easier to come back and find my pictures. I had some creepy search terms lead people to my blog, so I went back and edited the posts that the creepers were being led to. It was mainly stuff that mentioned my kids and also happened to have the word "ass" in the post. Beyond that, I really don't know. After the ass issue, I stopped posting pictures where they were half naked, or in the bath or anything. But I can't just stop.

  2. I am loving your DW shirt!!

  3. Eh, I haven't posted my kid's real names on my blog or twitter. I use IG but it's private. I post pics on the blog sometimes but I try not to. And when I do, I try not to post pics of them half dressed or "embarrassing" (crying, tantrums, etc). It's a hard balance.

  4. I've obviously posted photos, and continue to post them. I try to be tasteful about them. I always watermark over her face.


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