February 21, 2014

Bullet-Pointed Baby Thoughts

  • Well, we’re officially “over the hump,” as it were. 21 weeks. This week we had the big official anatomy scan at the hospital, and Baby G is still a girl :) So that’s good news.
  • The latest drama has been searching for crib bedding that I like. I have a very specific palate in mind:

    Surprisingly, this isn’t the easiest combo to find for baby room stuff. Either the pink isn’t right, or it’s combined with 2 other patterns and looks like a mess, or it’s reasonably tasteful and costs $400. So I’m working on figuring it out.
  • Is anyone bothered that I haven’t posted any ultrasound pictures? I hadn’t planned on it because, well, to me they’re precious, but I know that anyone else’s just look like big blurry blobs.
  • I do love getting the ultrasounds, though. I imagine every expectant mother does. I do especially love it when the sonographer lets me see a glimpse of her little heart flutter. Of course, it’s just the flutter, not detailed enough to be considered a real scan. But I love seeing it glimmer there on the screen.
  • Which leads into this article I just ran across this morning. It was the first thing I read this morning, which may be why it made me cry. But I like that – Heart Mom 2.0.
  • The day before the anatomy scan, I had another cardiology appt. When Dr. B took me back, he was friendly as usual, but shot me a couple of strange glances. Finally, he said, “Now, how far along are you?” 21 weeks. “And you’ve only gained X lbs?” Well…I guess…I mean, I don’t really know, I haven’t been monitoring, I mean, I haven’t been trying not to, I haven’t been dieting, or anything like that…(I guess I got a little defensive, but I didn’t really expect that reaction). He goes on to say that my last echocardiogram may indicate I was dehydrated, so I need to make sure I’m getting enough water. And I blew him off and said that wasn’t a problem, I drink lots of water. And I laughed about it the rest of the day. And didn’t really think about drinking water.
    The next day, I woke up totally cotton-mouthed and bloaty. Maybe I had been for a while, but I had been blaming it on over-active central heating. My bad. :/
  • I started on the first decorations for Baby G’s room today:
    I guess that sort of gives her name away :) Obviously I need another trip to Hobby Lobby. The letters aren’t fastened down, and I can’t quite decide how I want to adhere them. Also, when I get them done, how to display them in the room. They’re meant to go over the crib. I have a vision of them hanging by damask ribbon. SoldierMan thinks they’d look better hanging directly on the wall, floating. What do you think?
  • I think these posts tend to come across a little “blah.” That’s usually because it’s the end of the week and I’m wiped out by the time I write them. But I’m not blah. I’m really very excited about our little girl. I love thinking about the songs I’m going to sing to her and what her first stuffed toy will be and the first time I look over and see her asleep on SoldierMan’s chest. I still can’t totally comprehend the fact that we’re getting a new family member sooner rather than later. And in the practical ways, we’re nowhere near ready. But we’re both thrilled. We talk about her all the time, every day, wondering who she’ll look like and act like and how we’ll handle it when she doesn’t like the same things we do. :) We’ve only seen shadows of her, but we’re already smitten!


  1. Blah or not blah, these are my favorite posts. I love getting a glimpse of your thoughts on becoming a parent. I truly think you are David are going to be great great parents. I'm so excited to see that happen... For you to experience all of those magical moments. Can't wait to see her!

  2. I wanted to hang my kid's letters with ribbons too but when I experimented with it, I didn't like it so the letters are stuck to the wall using command hook strips. I would also recommend wood glue - a little goes a long way and it dries clear!

  3. I like these posts! It's alright to be super excited for this baby ;)

  4. Love the theme you are going for in the nursery! I think her name would look great either way.

  5. These posts are sweet. :) I love the start of her nursery decor.

  6. I like your design! I used that sort of print in K's room only it was trimmed with green and I added baby blue accents. I got it in case I ever had a little girl so that I could add light pink accents all over. Great minds think alike :) Glad she's still a girl, too! ;)

  7. Love the black and pink! Hobby lobby has everything.


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