February 8, 2014

Bullet-Pointed Baby Thoughts

  • Well, y’all, it’s been a big week. The other morning, SoldierMan and I went to the local technical college and had our gender ultrasound!

    Nope, that’s not a gender ultrasound pic. I hope you aren’t too disappointed. Personally, I’ve never been big on posting zoomed-in pics of ultrasound screenshots with little arrows pointing to personal areas. Just…weird to me.
    The ultrasound was so cool! We got to see Baby G squirming around and even some thumb-sucking! Which, even in the skeletal alien form, was kind of adorable. But I’m also lacking blood to my brain, so you can assume my opinion is colored.
    And I’m not telling what the result is anyway. Smile Wouldn’t dare give it away before the party! Which is on Sunday. So keep an eye out on the facebook page and the twitter – over there on the top right! The results will be posted (almost) simultaneously SmileLast chance to get your votes in!
  • The second big thing that happened this week: the night of the ultrasound, we’re laying in bed watching TV, and I’m massaging my abdomen because, you know, you do. At one point, I got distracted by the TV and left my hand pressing in one spot. Suddenly, I said, “Oh my gosh!” SoldierMan looks at me concerned, “What is it???”
    “I think I felt the baby kick!”
    And after consulting with my personal expert on the subject, yes, I’m now positive, I finally felt the baby kick against my hand. I’ve felt plenty of rockin’ and rollin’ internally before, but that time I actually felt it with my hand. So, so cool.
  • Speaking of SoldierMan, he’s been just awesome about taking care of me and Baby G. He brings me home dinner at least once a week, he’s been great about doing stuff around the house. The other morning he got up before I was awake (on the weekend) and went to the store and brought me home Doritos. He’s put together Baby G’s crib, changing table, and stroller. He even got the first decoration for Baby G’s room. Possibly the best part of this whole process is seeing him get excited and being able to share this with him. That’s not always possible with the Army, and this may be the only time we get to be together from start to finish, and I really am not taking that for granted. More than having someone else here to open the back door for the dogs one more time or help me carry in the groceries or lift the heavy things. Just having him here to share the experience and the random thoughts and feelings, it’s been so awesome.
  • Well, this is already a day late and I’m already tired, so I’ll just stop here. Last chance to vote before the reveal!!


  1. I can't wait to find out Baby's gender! So excited for you!

  2. Yay for feeling the kick! I felt my first kick on the day we found out the gender too. (: I'll be stalking to see what it is!!

  3. Very cute! I was going to say I could tell your husband is very excited for the baby to come, and then as I read on you pointed it out! That is super cute. Congratulations on the future baby!

    Just A Girl Blog

  4. The first kick = best feeling ever.
    Still so happy for the two of you!


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