January 15, 2014

My Child Will Play with Rocks and Sticks

(Actually, let’s be real. They’ll probably play with dogfood.)

I’m working on our baby registry at the moment. It’s not as much fun as I thought it would be. Right now, it feels like all the stress of eating at Golden Corral - “Look at ALL the choices!! Make sure you don’t fill up on the salad!!” – without the chocolate fountain.

And yes, at a buffet, to quote The Nanny, “Salads are for suckers.”

We don’t know Baby’s name yet, so that means I have to focus on A) instrumentation and B) gender neutral stuff.

I know I’m old fashioned, but I’ve never been into the “gender neutral” thing. I mean, my child isn’t “gender neutral,” we just don’t know what the gender is yet. Plus, a lot of gender neutral stuff is either ugly or overdone.

Wow, that may be the sleep-deprived hormones talking. Imagine I said that in a really chirpy voice with a big smile.

Now, having said all that, while I do plan on filling up the wish list with plenty of gender-specific items when we do (FINALLY) find out which we’re getting, over a month from now, I have finally found a gender-neutral theme that is growing on me:


I’m totally falling in love with rubber duckies.

Not so in love that I’m having trouble finding short-sleeved ducky baby things. Like there’s no such thing as Summer babies???

Okay, okay, griping is over, I promise. For now.

I need to find the Rubber Ducky song, because the tune has been stuck in my head all day.

Anyway, too many choices. So many toys. Many of which, I’m sure, Achilles will commandeer before the child is big enough to defend them. Rocks just seem easier. Can’t break a rock.


  1. Rubber duckies are a great theme! I love them.

  2. Nothing is wrong with some gender neutral stuff for the smaller sized things. Babies grow so fast in those first three months, they hardly wear those clothes and can therefore easily last through several babies .... Boy or Girl!

  3. I had a July baby..on a tropical island (Okinawa, Japan), and he actually wore quite a few long sleeve outfits (since they tell you to dress the baby in one more layer than what you are wearing), since we had our AC running. So long sleeves are okay!!
    Congrats by the way on the baby, July is a good month!!!

  4. I felt overwhelmed creating our registry, too. I had no idea how many choices there would be or how much research I'd need to do. I spent something like 16 hours over 3 days researching, registering, and wanting to be anywhere but Amazon.com or Target.com!

  5. Having just done back-to-back babies, I would be happy to help you winnow down the list of necessities, if you're interested. :)

    And I'm with you on the gender neutral stuff. (Aside: Rubber duckies are very cute.) I was never as much a fan of the real cartoon-y themes and it's hard to find things that you think you'll want to look at for the next two or three years without going the cartoon-y route. Anyway, if you find out you're having a boy, we have the set from the boys that is sitting in our closet right now that I'd be happy to hand down if you'd want it. They're in bunk beds now, so we're ready to pass it on.

    I'm rambling. Sorry. I guess I shouldn't start commenting on baby posts! :)

  6. I went with one of my best friends to Babies R Us when she was registering for her first baby. She was SO overwhelmed by all of the choices.

  7. We are doing ducks too! It's actually really hard to find duck stuff in the store. Amazon.com has been fantastic and there's some great prices for registry items. They have lots of duck decor. I found an "ugly duckling" crib mobile. At my first shower, people found us the cutest duck clothing. There's short sleeve duck onesies from BRU, but you need to find them online. My favorite book growing up was "Make way for duckling" so my Mom bought prints of the ducks marching on Boston Common. We are also framing scenes from the book. Ducks are awesome!

  8. Funny. I'd always thought the "girl stuff" was overdone - too much lace and frill and pink for me. I liked the gender-neutral stuff because it was usually simple and sweet. I guess that's why everyone's tastes are different - thankfully!


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