January 31, 2014

Bullet-Pointed Baby Thoughts

I’m doing my best…

  • That is because I don’t really have a picture of me this week. Before I got pregnant, I had this vision of taking cute posed pics every week and writing a little note to go with them and then at the end I’d have this cute little montage outlining the whole pregnancy. So I took a pic the day we found out I was pregnant…and then I got tired. And I didn’t take another picture for, like, 6 weeks. So…yeah. That didn’t happen. Then I recalled a friend of mine, the Scrapbooking Queen (and if you know her, you know who she is) had all of her “bump pictures” fit on a single page in her baby book. And I like that. Cute, simple, to the point, who really needs to see 40 of them 40 years from now? So, that’s my plan. Major milestones, formal pic with hair and makeup and all. Otherwise, just as we go. So, I can show you this awkward pic for this week:
  • I think I’ve finally got the menu nailed down for our gender reveal party (coming soon!) Now, what we’ll eat the rest of the month, notsomuch. #priorities
  • Someone asked me recently about the puppies and how “I think” they’ll handle a permanent Puppy Human in the house.
    Honestly, I’ve never had a concern. They’ve been around babies as young as 3 weeks old and up to a 3 year old, for frequent extended periods of time, with no issues except that they wanted to kiss them to death. Well, excessively. Probably should avoid the word “death.”
    Thankfully, I’ve had many very patient and understanding friends let my dogs practice on their kids the last 3 years. The only time there was a tense moment, there was a boy (not a small one) who decided it would be funny to body-slam Jeb while he was napping. I’m still shocked that Jeb didn’t actually crack a rib. He reacted – he flipped around and put his mouth on the child, but he didn’t bite or bark. Just a “warning” mouthing. Which still scared the kid enough to never do it again. But I can’t really blame the dog for that incident.
    Otherwise, Jeb is famous as the Baby Whisperer. He speaks baby and can make my friend’s babies stop crying when we can’t figure out what the heck is going on. Babies are his favorite. Achilles prefers toddlers who like to share their Goldfish. He gets annoyed and goes outside even if a baby is crying on TV. He’ll probably move out of our room completely the first few months, ha.
  • Another pair of jeans got retired today, at least for this season. That’s fine, it was in the 70s yesterday.
  • Oh, yes, gender reveal party. That will be happening soon. Sooner than I thought a while back. So that’s exciting! Place your bets!! Smile(No, really, place your bets and I’ll tally them with the others)


  1. I bet the dogs will be great with Baby. I can't wait to see all 3 of them in a cuddle puddle. :)

  2. No one here is having a girl except for me, so I'm going to vote girl, just so I have company in pretty-pink-princess-land!

  3. Um, if he's really the Baby Whisperer, can I borrow him please?! I need someone to make Millie stop crying. Also, my least favorite question when I was pregnant with Charlotte was how we thought Jasper would do, or if we would get rid of him. What is it with people assuming dogs will attack kids? Geez.

    I can't wait for your gender reveal!!! I wanna say boy, but I'll probably be wrong. So many girls lately - mine included. :)

  4. I'm excited to hear about the gender reveal party!

    My vote is a girl (which means it's probably a boy, because I am ALWAYS wrong with these things)

  5. I still have a feeling it's a girl!

  6. Our dog was surprisingly good around Adri when she was first born. Thankfully, he never bothered her, and kept his distance.
    I'm going to guess boy as well.
    I suck at belly pictures. I've taken one so far, and I'm going to at least try to do it every 4 weeks. That's probably more often than I did with the other two.


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