October 25, 2013

So, this is embarrassing

I just looked at the calendar today – brief sidebar: in the waiting room this morning, while I was working on my planner, the man sitting next to me asked me where I had gotten it. I swear, I should get commission for Erin Condren. That would be like the 3rd person I’ve sent their way this fall – anyway, I looked at the date and lo and behold, it’s been an entire month since I’ve been on here. Or anyone else’s blog for that matter.


Normally I take the month of November off, because in the past, I’ve participated in NaNoWriMo (probably not happening this year, I haven’t decided yet). Looks like 2013 meant October was going by the wayside. But it’s been a busy month!

First of all, in case you missed it, SoldierMan came home!


We made it! Sometimes I still can’t believe we now officially have a deployment under our belts. There are days where it seems like he wasn’t gone at all, and days when it feels like he was gone forever. Like when I came home yesterday and saw he had set out the trash cans. Felt like years since anyone had done it but me. (He got a big kiss for it, too!)

And in case you missed it by not following me on twitter or facebook (did I post this to the facebook page? I don’t know, it’s all a haze now) the puppies were very happy to see him, tooSmile

I was at least as excited as they were!
Another sidebar: they boys got to enjoy worldwide popularity for a few days. Once I posted the video to youtube, it got picked up by some news outlets, and within a few days it had been embedded on 40 websites including the New York Daily News and the Houston Chronicle! The original site to grab it, Breitbart.com, clocked 60,000 views by Day 2. Then some other dog did some cute thing on the internet, and they got bumped. But I always knew they could be internet sensations, given the right platform! Winking smile

We enjoyed a couple of slowish weeks with SoldierMan home, then he and I went on our epic Orlando trip, hitting Universal (Harry Potter World), Sea World and, of course, Disney!


That’s worthy of a post in itself, which hopefully I will get around to before long. (Hopefully!) In the meantime, I’m staying busy with photo sessions and OCSA and generally getting used to life as a complete household again. Maybe even NaNoWriMo. I don’t know.

So, if you’re here and you’re reading and you made it all the way to the end, thanks for not giving up on me! I’ll be back and into the blogger world (because I do miss y’all) as I can be. While you’re here, why not go ahead and follow me on twitter up there on the right? I’m always on twitter Smile


  1. Yay for Soldierman being home!

    Definitely a busy, but exciting month!

  2. So glad SoldierMan made it home and you guys are enjoying him being back:)

  3. Don't be embarrassed....you're husband came home! Glad that y'all were able to have a nice trip together to celebrate!

    ...And isn't SO nice to have them home to do the little things?

  4. Hooray for him being home and I love seeing the pups so happy :-)


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