October 28, 2013


Today is the first day of “real life” for us. SoldierMan back to “regular” work and me trying to figure out a “regular” schedule.

Which, of course, means I’m going to Walmart here in a couple of hours.

I really don’t have much else not-monotonous to talk about. I’m just triyng to get back into the habit of blogging consistently. And I don’t have time today for a major vacation wrap-up post yet Smile with tongue out

So this post isn’t a total waste of time, here’s a hot tip:

Amazon is offering a few people a really super deal – $60 off ANY Kindle.
(The base model is $69.)

Not everyone is eligible for this offer. I logged on and was offered it. SoldierMan logged on and wasn’t. I don’t know how many people they are offering it to or how they decide who they are offering it to. But you might as well log in, go to the Kindle section of Amazon and give it a shot.

Because I’m getting a brand new Kindle for $9 delivered on my birthday!

Good luck!! Hope you get it, too!!


  1. That's awesome!! How did you know it was $9 when you went to the Kindle store?

  2. not gonna lie, pretty jealous! :)

  3. How did you know it was $9? If you got the offer?

  4. This would have made the perfect Christmas gift for my mom but neither my husband nor I were among the lucky! I'll have to have my mom try her account. Thanks for sharing!


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