August 16, 2013

The Secret!

Because it’s already come up today, I thought I’d share this video I came across a while back. It’s pretty short but it’s definitely worth the watch, especially for those of us who need a periodic workout reality check (that means me!):


  1. So dang true! Not every one is cut out to be super ripped and in shape! I need to remember this. We are all different.

  2. Amen! It SHOULD be all about being healthy and not about what someone else thinks makes you LOOK healthy.

  3. Aaahhh, I love this so much!! I've not been active much - if at all lately - lately, but I LOVE her message. All the "mainstream" crap really just makes me not want to even do anything because I know that I will NEVER be stick-thin or have great abs, or whatever. Even when I was thin and active, I never had visible abs. And after 2 babies, I think the possibilty of abs gets slimmer every day. I carry weight in my hips, belly, and thighs. Not much is gonna change that!

  4. Yes! I love this. Both of my parents carry their extra weight mostly in the middle, right on the abs, and that's where I carry mine. I have no dreams of abs like hers. I know I'm short and curvy no matter what.

    I am going to go to the wellness center on post and do the testing they have. They are supposed to do a good estimate of your metabolic rate and they'll do body composition (like the real stuff with calipers). I think I need that to help asses where I am and where I want to go from here.


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