August 6, 2013

Happy Birthday, SoldierMan

This is the second year in a row the Army has had SoldierMan away for his birthday. Last year I split a bag of gummy bears with the dogs in his honor (although technically SoldierMan isn’t a huge fan of gummy bears, and I only gave the dogs a couple each).

We miss him terribly, but thankfully we’ll be able to celebrate before too awful long….


I love you, babe. Can’t wait till we can celebrate in person. I’m so proud of you and so excited for you to come home.

You’re older than me now :)

Happy Birthday!!


  1. It's always a bummer when you can't spend birthdays together. I think we have spent a combined 3 birthdays together. Happy Birthday, SoldierMan!

  2. Happy Birthday!! We've only ever missed one of his birthdays... but almost all of mine!

  3. Happy Birthday to him! Sorry you two can't be together on this special day. Luckily, you have many more birthdays to look forward to! =]

  4. Happy "late" Birthday to your husband, my husband's is today! :)

  5. Happy Birthday to your husband! Cute pic!


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