August 8, 2013

5 Reasons I Let the Dogs Sleep on the Bed


5. I stay on my side of the bed. I get pretty territorial about bed space, and I kind of anticipated that I’d get used to having the whole bed to myself and, well, they make sure I won’t have any real adjustment back to “my side” of the bed when SoldierMan comes back.

4. Jeb has a really cute snore. I’ve heard some pretty awful dog snores in my life, but Jeb’s is really cute. Also because he doesn’t snore all the time (then it’s no longer cute!)


3. I’ve got someone to lean on. One thing you don’t really think about, when someone is there, is that you can lean up on them when you lay down. Unless you have one of those awesome body pillows, you can’t do that when you sleep alone. Enter the 90lb puppy that stretches to 5 feet long. If I need someone to lean on, he’s there for me.

2. I get to sleep in. No, seriously. Ever since they were itty bitty, they’ve loved getting up with the sun. Once I started letting them get on the bed after their sunrise potty, I got an extra 2 hours of sleep in the morning. When SoldierMan gets home, he’ll be able to sleep in on Saturdays. Now it’s routine and it’s a beautiful thing.


1. Unlimited snuggles. Seriously. There were many days when SoldierMan was first gone that Achilles would wake up and just be mopey and need snuggles. And Jeb just loves to cuddle. Last night I was watching Netflix in bed and he just laid with his head on my shoulder and dozed. While it’s nice to sprawl out when I’m tired and sore from a long day, having a couple of canine snuggle-bugs during SoldierMan’s absence.

They are my battle buddies. I can’t believe we got two puppies, but I can’t imagine doing deployment without them.


  1. It's amazing how much you can lean on pets during deployment. Emma and Fishy were the best for me during deployments and will no doubt do the same during our 3rd.

  2. My doggy was my BFF when my husband was deployed. He went with me everywhere, slept on the bed and couch, and was my rock!

  3. I love sleeping with my dogs at night. I would be lonely without them there. Even with the husband home and sleeping with me. =]

  4. I WISH my little (actually rather large) man could sleep in the bed with me. He's a freaking nut though and likes to run and kick in his sleep.

  5. That last picture is so sweet! I totally agree (I don't have dogs) but when I babysit them, they are so comfy and cozy and feeling like it's some treat, that they would rather be there than running around.

  6. I'm currently doing the same thing with our dog. When my husband gets home he may have to fight for his spot back but I'm totally taking advantage of a 95lb cuddle buddy in yellow lab form until then.

  7. That's always been my one rule - no dog on the bed! I just feel like the bed should stay a "sacred place" for my husband and I. Your points are totally valid though, and actually make me want try it. A little...


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