July 29, 2013

Movie Monday: Summer Under the Stars–Week 1

It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here!!

August is the month that TCM has their series of movie marathons called Summer Under the Stars! Every day they show movies featuring a specific movie star. I wait all summer for this! So, starting Thursday:

August 1:
Humphrey Bogart
Humphrey Bogart
High Sierra – 6:00 am CST
The Maltese Falcon – 8:00 am CST
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre – 11:30 am CST
Key Largo – 9:00 pm CST

August 2:
Doris Day

Doris Day
Romance on the High Seas – 5:00 am CST
It’s a Great Feeling – 8:30 am CST
On Moonlight Bay – 11:45 am CST
By the Light of the Silvery Moon – 1:30 pm CST
It Happened to Jane – 5:00 pm CST
Calamity Jane – 7:00 pm CST
Tea for Two – 1:00 am CST (Friday night)

August 3:
Sir Alec Guinness

The Lavender Hill Mob – 9:15 am CST
The Ladykillers – 11:00 am CST
Kind Hearts and Coronets – 11:00 pm CST

August 4:
Mary Boland

The Woman – 10:15 am CST
New Moon – 12:00 pm CST
Pride and Prejudice – 1:00 am CST (Sunday Night)
Julia Misbehaves – 3:00 am CST (Sunday Night)


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