July 26, 2013

An All-Army Weekend

Last weekend was a big Army weekend for me. The high was Friday night. I got to photograph my very first homecoming! (No, not ours. My friend’s.)




It was his first time to meet and hold his daughter, so I felt so privileged to capture such a special moment. It was also my very first ever homecoming to go to, and oh my goodness, what a blast! It made me even more excited for SoldierMan’s (eventual) homecoming.

Saturday was very bittersweet. A group of us got together to Farewell a sweet friend who was PCSing with her husband across the country (not that there’s anywhere else to PCS to from Ft. Bliss).


Lindsay is a very special lady (as you can see, we’re all a bit “special”) and she is already missed. I went to Bible Study on Tuesday night and thought, “I guess we need to wait on Lindsay to start…” but no. :( The Army brings amazing people into your life and then just takes them away. Thank goodness for facebook!


Sunday was the Welcome for the new Post Commanding General’s spouse. This was also a unique experience for me. First of all, it was my first “nice” Welcome event. Secondly, I got to be an escorts for one of the guests of honor. Which basically just meant I gave her her nametag and got her a glass of punch. :) But it was still a neat new experience and let me have the chance to meet some new Senior Spouses. Sarah and I were mentioning that we have had great luck with Senior Spouses, and it looks like that luck will continue. So that’s exciting.

Anyway, that was last weekend. This weekend looks to be just as fun if not as eventful (though of course I don’t mind that!) and I’m going to try and take pictures again. Getting ahead in my scrapbooks always motivates me to pick the camera back up!


  1. It's funny, I was also thinking about how totally Army last weekend was. Without it I wouldn't have done any of that stuff. GMTA. ;-)


    I mean....great pictures! :D


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