June 20, 2013

Proof I Love My Husband

I love Disney World, but there are a few things even *I* won’t do there. Like any of the roller coasters. Any of them. Can’t do it. Severe motion sickness (I allow SoldierMan one turn on the teacups, and they always – ALWAYS – stop just 2 seconds shy of me hurling right there in the middle of the tent) and an intense fear of falling.

The other one is Splash Mountain. I did it once, on our honeymoon, for SoldierMan, and it was traumatic. Like seriously nightmare-inducing for me. Pretty sure I cried.

We went to Disney World on our pre-deployment leave. And he really, really wanted to do Splash Mountain, with me.

And because we were facing a deployment and I’m a dramatic worst-case fantasizer, I thought, “If he never comes back, I don’t want my one regret to be that I wouldn’t even go on Splash Mountain with him before he deployed.”


So I did. Pretty sure I cried a little that time, too.

I told him, he gets once every five years. That’s the best I can offer.

In other news, my GoPicnic! Giveaway has ended! Thanks to everyone who participated! And the winner is…

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Yay Megan! I’ll be contacting you soon to get you connected to GoPicnic!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Thursday!


  1. He looks so pleased with himself.

  2. Look how he's holding on to you and keeping you safe! His face does seem to have a smile of satisfaction on it. A good man. And you are a good woman!

  3. STOP IT! I laughed aloud when I saw this photo. That is ridiculously precious.

  4. I will do any roller coaster... except the dropping straight down ones. Nope, no, no thanks. I can't handle that sensation of falling. I end up crying at the end!

    Now my husband won't do spinning rides because they make him sick. Boo.

  5. HAHAHA! Love your face!! Like Chantal said, I love roller coasters, except for the falling straight down ones. And splash mountain like ones. Not a fan..

  6. This pic is priceless!! We have one of my dad at Tokyo Disney with my son and it cracks me up every time I see it!

  7. Oh, the things we do. I think it's sweet that you love (and trust) him enough to do this with him. I'm sure it's appreciated!

  8. I love that he's holding you in the seat!


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