May 4, 2013

O hai therr

So this morning the batteries died in my universal remote, and after a brief survey of the house, I discovered we had no backups. After a brief mourning period, I realized, “Hey! I could blog right now!” And so here I am :)

Life has been a little nutso the last month or so. More like a lot. Hence why my blogging and commenting has pretty much gone down the tubes. (Although I’ve been better about commenting, thanks to Bloglovin’s mobile app that I can work from the bathtub.)

Here’s a little of what I mean:

We officially passed the halfway point/month 5 of the deployment. I sort of sailed by it in a sea of busyness and wondering if April would ever end. But yay! Another major milestone!


There’s the man himself. Doing what he does…whatever it is. :)

Meanwhile, I hit a personal milestone – 10 inches lost overall! That was last week. I’ve sort of plateaued this week, but there’s always next week. I have a plan.

I also got to go home for a few days last month, and that was pretty freaking awesome. I miss home so much.




It was fantastic. I got to see some family and friends, and generally relax and not think about stupid things and stupid people. I got to visit the Omniplex (Science Museum) with my friend Brianna and her kiddos, hit Bricktown with my Brother and Sister (I’m the not-blonde one), and even got to swing by and see my cousin Michelle (you’ll be hearing more about her soon!) Man, I miss Oklahoma.

Speaking of Oklahoma, I also become a contributor to an Oklahoma-based faith-centered website, Word Slingers.


I’m really enjoying the challenge and the community. It’s still a brand-new site, so I highly encourage you to jump over and check it out. I have a couple of very talented friends who also contribute.

Speaking of very talented friends, I also saw to my excitement that a couple of friends that I went to college with have BOTH released books on Amazon this week:

I was fortunate enough to be part of the proofing process for 144:Wrath, the first installment of the 144 books. I was very quick to download 144:Redemption to find out how the story ends.And I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been waiting for Raven’s Hollow to come out for, like, 5 years (or however long since we were in class together and she began the first draft). I am SUPER excited to get started on that next! I highly encourage you to check out both of them!

Meanwhile, I also…got a job. Like, outside my home. I thought it would be a good idea to help us save up some extra money/knock out debt faster, and it is that. It’s also a really big stretching experience, but that’s good I guess. Right about the time I started really feeling comfortable in this deployment, it’s like God decided I needed a curveball to keep me on my toes. Which this job certainly does. I do intend to be vague about what and where the job actually is. It involves being around minors and sensitive information, so I’ll probably never really go into too much detail here on the blog. Sorry if that’s a problem for anyone.

However, along with the job that drains my last ounce of brain power on an almost daily basis, I’m also a part of a fantastic weekly Bible Study, and that’s been my lifesaver. Since now I essentially work when all my friends have free time, and vice-versa, and the couple days I don’t work are taken up with catching up on all the house and puppy and SoldierMan stuff I can’t do while I’m at work, it’s been a real challenge to get time in with friends. I’m not even going to think about the fact that by the time my life slows down a little, most of them will have moved or be moving away. Not gonna think about it. However, thanks to my weekly Bible Study, I get to have a couple of hours every week guaranteed that I get to spend some time with friends, in an encouraging environment that also feeds my soul. It’s been a huge blessing,

Meanwhile, when I do find a few minutes of personal down time, I’ve restarted scrapbooking. Just began the 2010 album. It’s really exciting. I miss scrapbooking. I miss our scrapbooking club we had last year. Before everyone moved. Doom on you. Not really. But seriously. But not. So now basically it’s just me sitting at my table watching old movies, but that’s okay. I still enjoy it and it gives me a creative outlet since I haven’t had much time to write lately (as you know).

In conjunction with that, I took the plunge a couple of months ago and became a Creative Memories consultant.

Creative Memories offers a whole line of traditional and digital scrapbooking tools for just about every scrapping need. While I could easily run down to Hobby Lobby to grab a few pieces of scrapbook paper (and I do) I’ve been using the actual Creative Memories tools for years and they are high quality. Like, the blades and trimming tools I use today I bought…oh geez, almost 10 years ago! They are still every bit as good as the day I bought them. I really do believe in the products, and I think they are worth the investment. Meanwhile, I have a consultant website and I think you’d probably enjoy looking around, whether you like to make traditional scrapbooks, digital scrapbooks, personalized greeting cards…they even sell Cricut cartridges! Oh, and I offer a very nice Friends and Family discount. So if you see something you like, email me and we can work out a deal ;)

And that’s my life right now, minus puppies. Here’s some pics of them for you:






And that’s life for us in May. How are things with you?


  1. Ooh, I remember Creative Memories from high school! My mom loves them!

  2. You are a busy busy lady! Happy to see you blogging! :)

  3. Creative Memories!! I hadn't heard of them until a few years ago, but I definitely fell in love with their stuff. I don't think I scrapbook nearly enough anymore...but I don't exactly have a ton of free time anymore either!

    Yay for the job! I thought I noticed that you got a job. I'm sure that's helping time fly right by for you. :) Glad you're able to stay busy and do some things for yourself too.

    I know you've been super busy, but I gotta say, I've missed you!!!

  4. I'm in Oklahoma now. It's pretty cool :)

    Glad you hit the halfway point!

  5. Wow you are definitely very busy! Glad to hear to hear you are at the halfway point now. Congrats on the new job and on becoming a CM consultant. I used to sell
    Stampin Up but I bought too much of it myself lol.

  6. Yay halfway!! That's great!

  7. Yay for the halfway point! I love the feeling of knowing you're on the downhill slope of these things. I can't wait until we hit that point :)

  8. I love updates like this! Sounds like you have many wonderful things keeping you busy - all healthy and happy. That is so wonderful!

    Miss you dearly.


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