May 20, 2013

Insert Statement of Shock At How Much Time Has Passed Since I Last Blogged

I wish I could say I've been gone because I was busy writing the Great American Novel, or because I was on an all-expense-paid tour of the Mediterranean, or because SoldierMan surprised me and came home early.

In reality, I've only been working a lot, and trying to sleep in between. And find some time to play with the poor neglected puppies.

Thanks for hanging around and putting up with my unreliability. This is going to be a short but intense week at Ft. Bliss, followed by what is sure to be a very fun holiday weekend. So I should have plenty of material in the next couple of weeks.

Anyone want to loan me some time???

Meanwhile, enjoy this pic of the laziest puppy in the world. That’s not mid-sitting-action. He stayed like that for 5 minutes. Because, why stand on all four feet?



  1. I hope you are able to have some time for yourself.

  2. Hahaha! My dog does the same thing. So weird!


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