May 9, 2013

Be a Miracle!

Today, I’d like to introduce you to some awesome people:

These are my cousins, Bryan and Michelle. And their two hilarious offspring, who crack me up via facebook daily.

They are moving to Nicaragua. And they have an amazing story.

The short version is, through an incredible series of “coincidences,” they found themselves standing in Nicaragua one day looking out on a community of children living, literally, on a garbage dump. Seeing the great need and feeling a stirring in their hearts, they are now uprooting their family and moving house to Rivas, Nicaragua, to change these people’s lives in the name of Jesus.

From supporting an existing nutrition program, to beginning an education program for the children, to continuing trade skills training for adults, Bryan and Michelle will be working alongside locals (and anyone who would like to visit and help!) to bring a better life to the people of Rivas, while showing them the love of Jesus and teaching the people about God’s amazing grace to humanity.

I am so, so excited for them to start this new chapter in life. I love Bryan and Michelle dearly, even though we don’t get to see each other much anymore. Bryan’s family went to the same church my family did when I was little…then *cough* many years later, he married my cousin Michelle, who I grew up very close to and spent many a summer day and Friday night hanging out at my grandma’s and staying up late watching Nick at Nite and playing dominoes. They are amazing people with an incredible God story I highly encourage all of you to read.

And here’s the part where I ask for your support. They leave America on May 31. And they are still short of sufficient financial support to maintain their work through Christmas, their first short-term fundraising goal.

Now, listen, if they were just my family, I wouldn’t be posting this, even though I love them. If they were just random missionaries, I probably still wouldn’t be posting it. I hate asking people for money and I hate putting pressure on people.

But first of all, I’m not asking you to do anything I‘m not willing to do myself. SoldierMan and I have already committed to support them monthly until they move back to the states, whenever that may be. So I’m not asking anyone to “cover” for me, in case anyone has that notion.

Secondly, I really believe that God drew them to these people and this place and time. I can see that they truly have a heart for the people of Rivas, especially for the children.

And third, I know that the money we send them isn’t going to get eaten up in overhead. This is money that will directly help support the people of Rivas, either in buying supplies, food, or shoes for the people of Rivas, or living costs for Bryan, Michelle and kiddos to stay and physically love on the children there. They aren’t going to Vegas. They’re going to the trash heap.

So, I’m asking you – YOU reading this right now – to go here, read their story of how they were lead to Rivas and of the amazing miracle God has already worked in their lives (no, really, a miracle) and prayerfully consider helping them meet their financial needs. If all you can do right now is support them in praying for someone else to donate the funding, that is still fantastic.

I know times are hard all around financially. But I also know that God blesses us in order that we would turn around and bless others. I believe that giving financially to support others to dedicate their lives to teaching people about God is “laying up treasures in Heaven,” (Matthew 6:20-21). So it means less splurging on myself every month. But if it means that little faces will one day be in Heaven, isn’t that worth it?

Please, click the button above to visit their blog and read their story. And ponder and ask God what He wants you to do. I truly believe that God is holding off on fulfilling their financial needs until the last minute so that, when He does fill the gap through obedient believers, we can only say, “God did that!”

Again, He may only prompt you to support them in prayer, and if so, that’s wonderful. Be obedient to that. But perhaps He has other things in mind. Perhaps He desires you – yes, YOU – to play a part in a miracle He wants to work.


  1. I am not able to support Bryan & Michelle financially, but I will be supporting them with prayer!

  2. I've been such a blubber bus lately, and this post made me cry. Anything involving children makes me cry. What a sweet, beautiful family! Praise the Lord that they're following God's calling! I'm going to talk to my husband to see if we can possibly support them; if not every month, then maybe a one time donation. We'll certainly be praying! God is always good, and he WILL provide the money. I think you're right about Him waiting for a time that He can "show off." :) God called them there, so He'll make sure they get there.

  3. Hello there!

    Just found your blog on passionfruit ads marketplace. I LOVE it and I'm the newest follower via GFC now :)

    Looking forward to read more!



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