April 23, 2013

I Get By With A Little Help

We just passed the halfway point of this deployment (God willing) and while there are many things I could reflect upon right now, instead I’d like to feature some Fort Bliss friends of mine who have helped make this deployment not-horrible.

The One I Don’t Hug

Yes, Sarah, I totally stole this from your facebook. I’m only watermarking it so no one steals it further. It was too cute, I couldn’t help myself.

This is Sarah. We have a Mutual Non-Hugging Pact. One day we were with a group of friends and everyone was hugging goodbye (I still don’t understand that particular cultural norm) and we both sort of looked at each other awkwardly and gave each other a quick hug. Later, on twitter, we both confessed that we hugged because everyone else was there and would have noticed if we didn’t. Thus the Mutual Pact of Non-Hugging was created. I think we’re better people for it.

She’s a blogger-become-real-life friend. She’s also my friendly neighborhood non-judgmental nutritionist friend. She’s a mine of information when it comes to healthy food choices, she’s a fitness fanatic (at least by my standards ;)) but when they break out the cupcakes, she’s getting frosting all over her mouth right there with me. She live-tweeted the Oscars with me and will stay up late talking faith and politics. At least, until work and school sucked our social lives into the dust like vampires. Thank goodness for twitter!

The One I Don’t Clean For


This is Nancy. This picture is a little old. She’s got a daring near-pixie shear now. Not too long ago, we somehow realized that we had almost stopped hanging out because both of us were too embarrassed to invite the other over to their house on a whim – neither one of us (I feel safe in saying) would win Excellence in Housekeeping awards. So I agreed to come to her house on Tuesday and keep her company while she cleaned her house, and she would do the same for me on Wednesday. From that, we created a non-cleaning agreement. Either one of us is welcome at the other’s at any time, in any condition, and it’s perfectly fine to load dishes from who-knows-how-long-ago into the dishwasher while the other one just sits and drinks coffee.

She’s also my main Doctor Who buddy…or, she will be when work lets me watch Doctor Who on a reasonable schedule again. (Seriously, we’ve only made it as far as the first episode this season. Bah!) And my coffee-drinking buddy. And my last scrapbooking buddy (though we may have found a 3rd!) since the others moved away. Doom on you. Not really. But seriously. But not. She also lets me keep my photography hand in chasing around little man up there.

The One I’m A Little Afraid Of


Not really, but sort of :) Amber is my Drill Sergeant. Whenever I need a kick in the butt to do my WOD, she’s always more than happy to oblige, via twitter usually :) She is also my angry friend. I’m waiting for the perfect moment to point her in a direction, push the button and unleash the AMBERSMASH monster, but it really has to be the perfect moment. I’m still waiting.

We also like to sit around and make fun of stupid people, which is always awesome. And eat too much fried food. And laugh. A lot. And quote Pitch Perfect to each other on a moment’s notice. And hate the Army together. She talks me into buying things after SoldierMan tells me to treat myself. She’s the perfect friend to go clothes shopping with, although she can run circles around me at Target. Not that she actually runs. Please, we don’t run. :p

There are more, of course. I have been blessed with many friends here in El Paso/Fort Bliss. Church friends, Bible Study friends, Army wife friends. Truth be told, I have more friends today than I think I ever have at any one time in my life. And that’s just people that I see in person on a semi-regular basis. Once you include the wonderful support system we have back home and around the world…God’s put a lot of wonderful people in our lives.

And I do have a lot of great friends here in El Paso and by no means intend to exclude anyone in this post. But these are a few special people I wanted to introduce y’all to.

Even though some of you are pretty thin,
I think that you all have fat hearts, and that’s what matters. :)


  1. It's always nice to have good friends to lean on. :)

  2. Sounds like you have awesome friends! I love the no-cleaning pact. I will never understand people who clean to de-stress. I have a few friends that can come over regardless of the state of my house.

  3. Sounds like a great group of friends!

  4. Awe, they seem like a great group of friends. Good to have that support no doubt

  5. I clapped and smiled like an idiot while reading this.

    I will happily drag you shopping ANYTIME.

  6. Awww, love this! You are definitely one of my favorite people here too. =) *non-hugs*

  7. I LOVED LOVED LOVVEDDDDD this post. Those are some awesome girls and you are so blessed to be around them every day...or at least whenever you should choose! This made me smile. I miss you all!!

  8. I definitely relied on my friends during deployment!

  9. I'm so glad you have that support! Wish I could have met them all because they all sound fabulously fun...here's to the second half going as quickly and smoothly as the first!

  10. Sounds wonderful! That is something I am kind of lacking here in Jacksonville... I wish I had a tight circle of friends. With my husband deploying soon it is something that worries me!

  11. Love it! So glad you have a group of friends you can hang out with and get you through. My favorite kind of friend to have is one that will come over, help themselves, and not worry about a mess. AND help you clean if you need it. I gotta find one of those in Georgia! :)

  12. I don't understand hugging. I only like to hug my parents, my best friend, and mainly my husband. It's even worse when it is forced and then the hug giver lingers with their hug. yuck.

  13. Congrats on the half way mark!! I'm at 1/4 of the way in...and I can honestly say, it's tough...but friends sure do help! :-)

  14. I enjoyed every word of this post! You have some pretty awesome friends there. I love their titles and the different connection you have with each one. Thank heavens for good friends. A deployment has a way of bonding you to certain people, and I'm sure they feel equally blessed to have you. And the "doom on you" line definitely brought a smile to my face. Thanks for that!


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