April 5, 2013

Day 90: Round 1

Today was a my first major fitness milestone: Day 90.


No, I’m not filling in the blanks. And no, I don’t have any Before and After pictures of me looking all beastly. Mostly because I forgot to take any “before” pictures (oops!) And also because I didn’t do the full P90X program, so it wouldn’t be a fair representation of the program.

Result: Down a total of 8.75 inches!

I’m pleased with the total number, even if I didn’t reach all the individual goals. (*thisclose* though) However, I fasten my bra and my belt on smaller clasps, I’ve got visible definition in my arms and legs, and I’m no longer afraid of clothes shrinking in the dryer. Peace of mind is a beautiful thing.

What about weight, you ask? Well, I gained weight. Yup, gained. Which is exactly what I expected since I was focusing primarily on weight training and trying to stick to a protein-rich diet. So I decided at the beginning not to track my progress by weight. Plus, I bloat a LOT, regardless of the lunar calendar, so I knew weight wasn’t going to be a good motivator for me.

I did P90X M/W/F, and Rockin’ Body Dance T/T/S. I did not run once. I don’t intend to ever run again. Not even if my life is in danger. That’s why I carry a gun.

If I’m honest, I really averaged 4 days a week of working out, not 6. And I sure didn’t go by the P90X diet plan. I like food too much.

So, basically, 90 days of modified P90X and a more conscientious diet that still let me enjoy foods I love. That was my #1 rule going into this – don’t be miserable. Yes, if I had cut out XYZ foods completely or did the full P90X Plus 3-hours-a-day system or something I would have gotten more radical results. I just know some well-meaning person stands ready to point that out. But as a whole, I’m satisfied.

Now I’m starting on Round 2. I have way more confidence going into this round. I already have a good system worked out. I’ve got better habits all around. And I can already see progress and that keeps me motivated. Day 90: Round 2 happens to fall on July 4th. Great day for After pictures, amirite?

Oh yeah, I‘ll take a picture tomorrow, which is Day 1.

See you in July!



  1. Congrats! Your attitude and plan sound so healthy and sustainable. I hated my life on the P90X diet. I literally cried at dinner one night. So. Much. Chicken.

  2. Yay! I'm so happy you approached it from a "get fit, but don't hate life" mentality. So often, these diet/exercise plans are unrealistic and make you miserable. You CAN get fit without being unhappy!

  3. I'm so glad you're tracking by something OTHER than weight. Far too many people focus solely on the scale number instead of the other factors. Keep up the awesome work!

  4. I don't know your specific heart health history, but I read this short article and wondered if it applied to you at all? Running isn't for everyone, and if I had inherited my father's health issues (enlarged heart and high blood pressure) I may not be doing all that I do now.

    But anywho, congrats! You did awesome. I don't think I could stick with it like you did. I'm not very good at sticking with workout routines!

  5. Way to go!!! That's awesome willpower to stick to your workouts and healthy eating despite puppy workout partners! And you've inspired me to get moving and back on the WW train tomorrow after taking a week off (yikes!) for Easter ... candy. :(

  6. Great job!! I'm proud of you!! PX90 is hard!! As long as you feel great & you are seeing results.. that's all that matters! Can't wait to read your updates!! <3, Amy

  7. I'm completely impressed and could use some motivation in that area right about now! You look so cute in that last picture. Good luck on your next 90. Youareright (that's not as cool as "amirite") that the 4th of July is a great day for after photos! :)

  8. "I don’t intend to ever run again. Not even if my life is in danger. That’s why I carry a gun" bahaawaahaaa!!!!!! A sister after my own heart!!!! I'm with ya girl. All this marathon stuff going on now, kinda makes me feel guilty. But no. Never.


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