March 5, 2013

Open for Business!

I’ve officially taken the leap and decided to open my blog sidebar up for sponsorships! It took me a long time to get to this point but I am so excited to finally be taking this step!

I’ve joined with Passionfruit Ads to make the sponsorship process quick, easy and reliable. I’ve been very impressed with their setup. I highly recommend them!

So now I am officially inviting you to join the lovelies already displayed in the right-hand column and become an official sponsor of Me and My SoldierMan!

What would you get out of sponsoring Me and My SoldierMan?

*24/7 promotion of your blog/business/site on my sidebar for the duration of your ad purchase
*A blog post spotlighting your blog/business/site during the month of your ad purchase
*Shoutouts to your blog/business/site on my facebook page and twitter during the month of your ad purchase

Interested? Want more specifics, like all my blog stats ‘n’ stuff? Click that handy little button at the top where it says Sponsor!

**Join NOW and get 10% off by using the code 'firsties' as a Thank You for being one of my kick-off sponsors!! Valid during the month of March ONLY!**


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