March 30, 2013

March Who Madness Day 30: When Did You Become a Fan of Doctor Who


Well, this is it. Tonight is the big night. The return of Doctor Who. It’s been a fun 30 days and now we hit the climax!

When did I first become a fan of Doctor Who? (I’m sure it means “did,” not “do.”) Last year, when SoldierMan was gone so much for training. It became my nightly routine. Popcorn and Doctor Who. I started at the beginning (of the reboot) and got addicted immediately.

Thanks for joining me on this 30 day journey through Doctor Who! For those of you watching the season premiere tonight, hope you enjoy it as much as I know I will!

When did you become a fan of Doctor Who? Write a post, grab the button and link up below! And don’t forget to share the comment love!


  1. What a fun link up!

    Here's my final contribution:

  2. This has been such a fun link up! Thanks for hosting!

    My final post -

  3. Thanks for hosting!!!

  4. Last post.


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