March 27, 2013

March Who Madness Day 27: Favorite Interview


Oy, more research involved. I’m really sorry, but I just started a new job (blog post to come) and as entertaining as I’m sure all the Doctor Who interviews are, I honestly don’t have time to get into this one right now.

So if you can share YOUR favorite Doctor Who interview and save me some research time, I’d love that. ;)

What’s your favorite Doctor Who interview? Write a post, grab the button and link up below! And don’t forget to share the comment love!


  1. I know you love Catherine Tate, so check my link out. She's totally awesome in this interview.

  2. Hopefully, everyone will post a lot of good ones for you! Mine is actually a talk show appearance and not an interview but definitely worth a watch.

  3. I posted the same video as someone else haha. It proves it is good!


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