February 13, 2013

The One That Got Away

I’m not a very creative person, in my opinion. I have no concept of color coordination. Interior design is a mystery to me. I love to sing, but coming up with my own music, even silly songs, has never been part of my skill set. I can do great things at the stove, but creating my own original recipe from scratch is still beyond me. And don’t ask me to draw a picture. Don’t ask me to draw a circle.

One of the few creative activities I do enjoy is scrapbooking. I don’t get to do it very consistently right now, but I do love preserving memories. To me, it’s another way to tell stories. And I love telling stories. And I have a horrible memory. Scrapbooking helps me remember.

The very first scrapbook I ever did was when I graduated high school. I didn’t have a whole lot of pictures from the 6 years of jr. high and high school. And of course nothing digital. So I put the pictures I had in a high-quality acid-free, lignin-free, buffered scrapbook so they would be preserved. Among others, it contained all the pictures I owned of me and SoldierMan when we were kids together (I consider 13-year-olds “kids”).

Then in college, my family moved house. Then I got married and moved again. Then SoldierMan joined the Army and we moved again. And somewhere in all that, I still don’t know exactly where, I lost that scrapbook. Every other scrapbook made it. Not that one.

Every now and then, I have a day where this really bothers me. When I’d really like to flip back and see pictures of little JG and SoldierMan sitting on the bus together, or pictures of places I’ll probably never see again, or pics of friends who maybe aren’t friends today but gave me precious memories once upon a time.

And I’m having one of those days today. Right at this moment I would love to sit down and flip through that little 7x7 book and laugh about pictures like this one:

stolen from a friend’s facebook

Yep, that’s me, SoldierMan and his best friend. From, I think, 11th grade, judging by the glasses and hair.

Anyway, I still haven’t given up hope that, one day, it will miraculously turn up again. I get less hopeful as each year passes, but I still hope.

Is there something you’re still hoping will turn up?


  1. We have a pair of hand made ceramic penguins that we used in our cake topper. They turned up missing for a few years in KS and then our first year here. I found them when we moved into this house.

    Turns out they'd been packed into a box with J's ceramics from college in one of our KS moves. That box moved to TX, then into this house before it was unpacked. I was very excited to find them and they are now in my glass-door bookshelf with other sentimental attachments.

  2. I hope it does turn up! I have a few DVD's that went missing somewhere between NC, AZ and here. They are family get togethers with my mom on them and I really hope they turn up.

  3. awe! I love to scrapbook as well! I have fallen a bit behind, but hoping to catch up soon!

  4. I scrapbook, too (at least I did when I had time!) and when asked what I would save if the house was on fire, my answer is always my scrapbooks. I would be so sad if I lost one. I hope you find it eventually!


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