February 26, 2013

March Who Madness!!

I found this pin a while back and I’ve toyed with the idea of doing it for a while. For one thing, I love Doctor Who, as you know. But I was a little afraid of overwhelming all of you lovely readers who aren’t Whovians (for shame!)


Then I ran across this again yesterday and the temptation came back. And then it hit me: March is the perfect time to give this a shot! There are 30 days worth of activities. The new season of Doctor Who premieres on the March 30. It’s, like, serendipity.

So, here’s the plan. First of all: I’m not only going to talk about Doctor Who all month. I’ll still keep up plenty of other, regular blog posts. But I’m also going to do one Who post a day, following that pattern.

And if any fellow Whovians would like to join in, I’ll post link-ups in every day’s post. So feel free to copy that image (it’s not mine, anyway) and spread the word we’re having a Doctor Who party in March!

It’ll be fantastic!

March Who Madness:
Day 1: Favorite Doctor
Day 2: Favorite Companion
Day 3: Least Favorite Companion
Day 4: Favorite Villain
Day 5: Favorite Alien
Day 6: Favorite Special Episode
Day 7: Favorite Season
Day 8: Least Favorite Season
Day 9: Favorite Master
Day 10: Saddest Episode
Day 11: Funniest Episode
Day 12: Scariest Episode
Day 13: Favorite Theme Song
Day 14: Character You Like That Everyone Else Hates
Day 15: Most Annoying Character
Day 16: Favorite Actor


  1. I am probably more excited about this than I should be! Maybe this will get me back into the swing of blogging regularly.

  2. So fun! I'll try and link up some. I'm not finished with the recent series though and I never saw the older ones. But I still love The Doctor! Are you going to make a button for the link up?

  3. Molto bene!
    Allons y!

    I like the idea of pre-writing and scheduling the publishing, which I have never done. So this will also be a blogger lesson for me.

  4. Ooo getting geeked about this! I'm a semi-new Whovian so Im just learning...but I'm hoping to get this done!


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