February 19, 2013

Care Package Randomness

So we’re more than 2 months into this deployment and I realized I haven’t talked very much about it. I’ll try and do better about documenting more of that as it goes on. One day I know I’ll wish I had.

Anyway, about 2.5 months down and I’ve already sent off 5 care packages. Since we’re all looking for care package ideas, I thought I’d share what I’d done so far.

This was the Christmas package:


SoldierMan left at the beginning of December and had an address just in time for me to send him a package for Christmas. It got there just before. It was kind of a last-minute throw-together because I hadn’t expected to be able to send him anything that early. So I covered the inside with wrapping paper and decorated the inside with $1 decorations from Walmart and pictures of the dogs. There was nothing really special inside, except I made some M&M cookies (this recipe – turned out awesome!) and vacuum sealed them for the trip. SoldierMan said when he opened them a couple of weeks later they were as good as the day I put them in.

So, protip: Vacuum sealers. Get it. Use it. I got mine at the on-post thrift store for $8. It’s not new or fancy, but it will seal cookies and things for SoldierMan and make sure they get there tasting good.

This one I sent right after New Year’s:


Lined the box with scrapbook paper. By the way, the large flat rate boxes are perfect for this. They are 12x12x11ish, so basically all you need to line your box are 5 sheets of 12x12 scrapbook paper and a glue stick. Super fast and easy. Also decorated with $1 New Years decorations from Walmart. I filled it with some goodies from Christmas (little gifts SoldierMan got from family) and some optional gear he left behind.

This one went mid-January:


Slightly less festive. Still lined with scrapbook paper. Because even without a holiday to draw inspiration from, I don’t like sending a plain boring box. A few of SoldierMan’s favorite things, plus some supplies he specifically requested.

And this was for Valentine’s Day:


Yeah, it’s not pink. I’m pretty proud of that. For one thing, I figured he wouldn’t go gaga over a pink and red box. But I also wanted it to be more personal. So I went with a Disney theme. If you’ve been here for any length of time, you know we’re big Disney people. We went to Disney on our honeymoon and for most of our anniversaries. So I lined the box with Disney scrapbook paper, and printed off pictures of us having adventures in Disney. I went a little pinterest crazy on the contents. I did a “52 things I love about you” pack of cards (pin here), bought a bunch of snacky things to coordinate with some Valentine’s printables (can’t find the link right now), and also threw in a few of his favorite movies. I also – I’m pretty pleased with myself about this – went to his favorite cookie place and bought some cookies and icing so he could make cookie sandwiches. Yay, vacuum sealer! I then decorated the outside of the box with some mail/Valentine’s themed printables (pin here).

The last package (thus far) I sent today, but I forgot to take a picture of it.

So that’s my care package tally. I know there have been more elaborate ones done out there, and I’m not the most skilled person with visual creativeness. But I have fun doing them.


  1. These look awesome and I'm very inspired! Any word on how the boxes look on Soldierman's end? Cam's boxes are always beat to heck and/or have been opened by Customs, so I'm reluctant to decorate too much. :(

  2. Did you share any of the Japanese candy in the v-day box!?!?

  3. Wow! All my care packages were just plain ole priority mail, I did wrap stuff inside though. Yours are amazing!

  4. Goodness my care packages look horrible compared to ones like these. I never decorated them! I did have themes though, just with the stuff.

  5. I always loved decorating the boxes it was so much fun. I love yours. :)

  6. Such cute packages. My packages never looked that good! It's funny you mention the vacuum sealer. My best friend sent her husband sugar cookies that were vacuum sealed. Each cookie had a letter so ultimately the sealed cookies said "Happy Birthday. I love you." Well, her husband was in an extremely remote area (so remote and dangerous that the Army didn't deliver food so they ate spam from care packages). The packages traveled a bumpy road to say the least. When her husband saw the cookies, he was thrilled. Then he opened them and they turned into a pile of cookie dust. She stopped vacuum sealing her cookies after that and just cushioning them in paper.

  7. Wow! These are really awesome! I wish I knew they'd be appreciated if I did something like that.

    Though, I really do need a vacuum sealer. Thanks for reminding me!


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