January 25, 2013

The Real Solution

Last week I showcased a bunch of stories about a variety of people using an assortment of guns for self defense – the point being, the danger a gun poses is directly related to the intentions of the person holding the gun, and nothing else.

Dan Phillips wrote over on his blog this week along this same vein:

The simple and decisive counter is that there IS no law, and there CAN BE no law, that would have prevented either incident — unless it be a law authorizing the confiscation of every last firearm in possession. And that idea is sheer idiocy. First, it couldn't be done. More, it shouldn't be done. It would leave yet more innocent, law-abiding citizens vulnerable to criminals...and to governmental stormtroopers. So that's a non-starter.

All this brings us back to this: once again, the problem is human nature. And that's a problem that no law can remedy.

What America needs is what Britain needs, which is what Israel needs, which is what Switzerland needs, which is what South Africa needs, which is what every tribe and nation and people needs. We need something that will transform our natures, that will take a violent woman or man who is bent on conquest and theft, and will transform him or her into one who loves and gives.

I highly encourage you to jump over and read the entire thing, because (typically) he says what I want to say more eloquently, and concisely, than I would say it.


Until we can solve the problem of human nature, it doesn’t matter what weapons we ban. Murder is already illegal, and yet murders are still committed every day. Trying to change the tools of the murderer won’t solve the real problem. Neither taking away tools of defense from the potential victims.


  1. Yes! I love that post. I think you tweeted the link last week or something? It was great.

    I really can't even begin to understand how on earth people think taking guns away from people who obey the law is a good idea. Why on earth would a criminal turn in an illegally obtained firearm? Why would they even want to, when law-abiding citizens will turn theirs in?

    People have been killing other people for thousands of years, and long before guns were even thought of.


  2. So so true. Don't take the guns from the law abiding citizens.

  3. oh couldn't have been more spot on...

  4. Amen. Seriously, not sure when people will start looking a little closer to home for the solution. A little closer to God.

    And HELLO! I LOVE the new look of your blog! And that picture of you and your hot red hair twirling in the air. You are so dang adorable!


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