January 17, 2013

The Glory of Self Defense

I’m (sort of) sorry if you’re burnt out on this, but honestly the importance of what’s going on right now can’t be overstated. Unlike a lot of people, when something like Sandy Hook or Aurora occurs, I don’t think it’s “politicizing a tragedy” to honestly ask “How can we lessen the likelihood this will happen again?” Regardless of how much (or how little) time has passed. Personally I tried to take at least a full 24 hours before responding to any of the political idiocy I saw online, but that was my personal decision. Others didn’t, and I don’t think they were wrong.

But now I think we can all agree the national conversation has taken an ugly turn. There’s a big difference between saying, “These poor kids, how can we try and keep more from dying?” and hauling ignorant children around in press conferences to manipulate people’s emotions so one can avoid a merit-based discussion. Because that’s exactly what’s happening.


While the media and politicians have made a conscientious effort to use sweet young naïve faces to push an agenda that directly attacks our American freedoms, they’ve quietly ignored a good amount of stories since Sandy Hook. Local media picks them up, but generally they don’t make nation-wide circulation. Such as:

Pharmacist defends self, mother from armed robbers

(This would be my grandma!)

15-year-old boy uses AR-15 to defend self, sister against home invaders
(Yes, AR-15s are self-defense weapons)

Robber pulls knife, woman pulls gun
(guess who won?)

Dad in Ohio Shoots Armed Robber as He Shields His 2 Month Old Son
(Men CAN multitask!)

Family uses firearms to stop armed home invader
(A family affair, indeed)

Mother shoots home invader 5 times to protect her twin sons
(He had it comin’)

Woman home alone fends off three home invaders with handgun
(I’d comment about how an Oklahoma woman can take on three men single-handedly, but that seems a little too easy)

Gas station clerk shoots armed robber
(I thought guns were banned in gas stations. How did the robber get a gun in there?)

Homeowner shoots home-invader

And that’s just from a casual afternoon search, for stories since January 1. There’s plenty more where those came from.

I list all these because whenever the government tries to limit the availability and types of firearms available to the public, they aren’t only trying to keep them out of the hands of bad guys (who will steal them or buy them on the black market anyway, if they can’t buy them in a store).

They’re trying to keep all those people up there from possessing the means to defend themselves from surprise, life-threatening attacks. Read through those stories. Look at those faces. People from all backgrounds, all walks of life, all races, both genders, from teenagers to the elderly. And they used all types of firearms, from 5-shot revolvers to semi-automatic rifles.

All kinds of people. All kinds of firearms.

Why should they be punished for the actions of someone they never met and had no control over?

And no, this isn’t my final word on the subject. Next week we’ll revisit this issue more in-depth.



  1. I completely agree with you, 100%.

  2. Yes, thank you for posting this!

  3. AMEN, sista! ;-)

    My blood has been boiling all week over all the pro-gun control crap on FB. It was all I could do yesterday not to explode on someone for their ignorance and unwillingness to see that it's not about people getting killed by guns. It's about our constitutional rights being whittled away by manipulative liberals who think they know what's best for an entire country.

  4. Amen! I never understood the need until I married my husband and he showed me how to really shoot a gun. Before then, I was too afraid and uneducated about them. Now, I am not afraid to defend myself or my home in the instance that something should happen, and that is my RIGHT.


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