January 7, 2013

Let’s Climb On Some Tanks

Another fun Pre-D photoshoot I did was for my friend Amber. Her soldier left the same night SoldierMan did, so she’s the only friend I have who’s on the same timeline I am. It’s nice to have a buddy, especially a kind of crazy one :)


Luckily, Amber and soldier were really into doing pictures with the tanks around post. One thing that’s really great about Ft. Bliss and El Paso is the topography – depending on the time of year, you have your choice of desert landscape, flowy palm trees or lush green parks. Pretty much all we don’t have is a nice lake or ocean. But sea creatures freak me out, so I don’t miss that.


Anyway, tanks. The Ft. Bliss has some great old tanks on display here and there, so we went on a sort of scavenger hunt and got lots of fun pictures with tanks from all (most?) past wars. I love the history of it and the atmosphere. And tanks are just cool, aren’t they?


Fort Bliss has a lot of cool history around it and I’m glad I got the chance to archive some of it with some of my favorite people. Thanks for letting me be part of your memories!



  1. So nice to be able to do this for people. Way to use your talents to bless other!

  2. how very sweet - I know your friend will probably look at those pictures daily while he is away. How very nice of you :)

  3. These are GREAT, JG! (Kind of hard to take a "bad" picture when you're working with such a cute couple, though!)


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