January 23, 2013

Book Review: Invisible


Ivy Malone is worried. Ivy’s started to feel like she’s fading away. Oh, she feels just fine, thank you. Never better. But suddenly people just don’t notice her anymore. Sales clerks look right through her. Someone almost hits her with a car because “he didn’t see her.” No one greets her when she walks into church. It’s almost like she’s…invisible.

Of course, she’s not actually invisible. Ivy is a widowed LOL (that’s “little old lady”) who lives on her own in a run-down part of town. She’s a small, simple woman who only wants to live a nice, quiet life. She misses her husband, her son (who was Killed in Action as a young man), and her best friend of 40 years, and is sad to see the part of town she’s lived most of her adult life taking a turn for the worse. She’s also got an insatiable curiosity.

The local cemetery is vandalized, one of her neighbors goes missing, and the police seem to be dragging their feet on both cases that hit close to Ivy’s heart. On an impulse, Ivy decides to do a little investigating on her own. Suddenly being “invisible” doesn’t seem like such a bad thing….

I got this book for Christmas from my brother, after I read it a few years ago when Amazon offered it free on the Kindle. I loved it. You might not think there’s a lot I could relate to, a book about a widowed little old lady trying to catch bad guys, but honestly I love a good mystery, and a good mystery/comedy. My favorite classic movies are the old mystery/comedy capers they don’t make anymore (we take murder MUCH more seriously these days, after all!) and this is right along those same veins.

Ivy is a wonderfully real character. She’s got attitude and accepts her age without letting it slow her down. She still loves her husband, even after he’s been gone a number of years, but by the end of the book (the first in a series) we see her begin to open her heart up to new possibilities. She’s also got a great sense of humor. I did actually laugh out loud at points.

The mystery is well-done, too, with multiple facets and a satisfying climax, although the situation is not totally resolved (it is a series, after all). Ivy meets a fun collection of characters during her investigations. And it’s always good to step into the shoes of someone with different life experience, like an “invisible” little old lady trying a frozen coffee drink for the first time.

“Invisible” is listed as “fiction-suspense” but it’s also written by a Christian author. Not overtly evangelical, but still, Ivy has faith, and she’s comfortable talking about her faith and how it is involved in her every day life, and in her current adventure. I found that very refreshing and helped make Ivy a good, round character.

I knocked this book out in just a few days. Very re-readable and just as enjoyable the second time around. It’s a fast, fun read and I am already looking forward to getting the rest in the series!


  1. Ooooh! I love a good mystery ... including LOL detectives (like Miss Marple). Getting this one for my Kindle now!

  2. I'm going to check this out.


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