December 7, 2012

Fa La La Do Re Mi

If you follow me on twitter (top right corner), then you know that every day this month I post one of my favorite Christmas tunes.

I love Christmas music. Love love love Christmas music. If I had to choose between nail polish and Christmas music, I would choose Christmas music. That’s how much I love Christmas music.

I listen to Christmas music year-round. I own tons of Christmas albums, even though they are all 80% the same songs, just sung in different keys. My phone is filled with those Christmas albums, and gets plugged into the car speakers for even the shortest trips.

Basically, I love Christmas music. I love that it makes me laugh and makes me cry and brings back memories and lifts my spirits and leads me to worship. Sometimes I let the playlist go on random shuffle for a while, sometimes I get in a specific mood and have to listen to that one song.

Of course, my mood this week hasn’t been what is usually is during this time of year. We’re coming up on 1 week into D1, and all things considered I think I’m doing well. But occasionally I get in a mood, and only one song does the trick.

Yeah, it’s cheesy and is technically associated with a movie about talking lions. But it’s actually sort of been my go-to song since it came out. And I must admit there have been times during this week where it’s been on its own infinite loop all by itself.

And then I‘m soothed and go back to the Christmas playlist.


  1. I love this song!! Thanks for reminding me--I haven't listened to it in awhile.

  2. I've never heard this song and I am so glad you shared it! I don't care if it is associated with lions, it is so much better than the average country song about leaving. Yes!


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