November 20, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Jerk


And no, I have no problem plastering Lindsey Stone’s name and face all over the internet.
After all, she did it first.


  1. WOW.

    I hope she got the 15 minutes of fame she wanted. I mean, seriously, when do people learn that posting every photo you take online is not the best idea?! SMH.

    Really, though, that is extremely disrespectful. I kind of hope she does get fired.

  2. For a wordless Wednesday, this sure says a lot.

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  4. I deleted the last version of this comment since it bothered me that I used "she" so much and I wanted to add more. Anyway, this situation gets me all sorts of heated up and one thing is the commentary about it from both sides who says "FIRE THAT [Obsenity]" or "Why would you fire her? She made a mistake like all of us do." Lindsey did this on a work trip. She works with physically and intellectually disabled adults, but has been put on administrative leave pending an internal investigation. I think it is important to note that Lindsey has the right to speak her mind and be a ungrateful jerk, a right protected by those soldiers she disrespected in the cemetery. However, she shouldn't have done it while at a work function and then go post it on facebook. When are people going to learn that social media isn't private and reflects who you are as an individual? Lindsey said it is a joke, but she is 30 so she should know better than to post evidence of a poorly executed and stupid joke. She is a reflection of the organization and I am sure the negative feedback is going to hurt fundraising for employer. Plus, what kind of example does she set for her residents? She totally just screwed herself over from any job for a long while. Finally a sidenote: she changed her facebook profile name.

  5. This really does disgust me. No words.

  6. What an IDIOT!!!!! Makes me furiuos that a GROWN woman finds this to be ok...smh!

  7. Ingrateful -> ungrateful

    I say it only because I want to repost the picture, but I don't like the misspelling. :-)


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