November 9, 2012

So, Um, Yeah

I feel like I’ve been writing these posts a lot. Sorry.

I’m still here. Or, here again. We had a great vacation, got back early this week, and I just got my computer back. (I left it in Oklahoma.)

SO anyway, I’m super behind on all things computer-related. I owe a lot of people emails and have several projects to work on. I also have a list of blog posts to get to…one day. Vacation run-down, photo shoot snippets, more Mormon posts (yes, I’m still going to do them). I can’t really promise when they’ll be coming. There’s a lot going on the next few weeks. Hopefully leading to more blog posts. But they’re coming.

Anyway, thanks for sticking around even though I’ve been really hit-and-miss lately. Eventually I’ll be back to a regular routine again.


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