November 19, 2012

Puppies and Palm Trees

I’m WAY behind on posting photo shoot pictures! Which probably doesn’t matter to anyone but me, because I kind of like to show off :)


Consider this story another testament to social media. Sharon and I first connected via twitter some months ago and, after exchanging a bunch of tweets about politics :) found out our husbands were both stationed here! Small twitterverse!


Turns out, we actually have a lot in common. They go to church with some people from our Squadron. They homeschool. They have two crazy dogs :) And they were a really fun family to shoot!


It was also a learning experience for me. So far, all the families I’d done had only had wee little boys. Working with teenage boys was a whole new thing.


Of course, my nervousness was pointless. They were a very fun group and some of the nicest young fellas you’ve ever met.


So here’s to another one in the books – my first shoot with teenagers! Thanks, Sharon, for contacting me! I had an absolute blast!


  1. What a fun way to meet a client/friend! Looks like a super nice family. I love the family one with the rock wall in the background. Everyone looks so happy!

  2. LOVE the pic with the whole family!


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