November 26, 2012

Pictures in the Park


Sarah and I are bloggy buddies who found each other via facebook (can you tell why I’m a big fan of social media?) and we both are stationed here.


Sarah was the wonderful friend who came over and watched the Olympics Opening Ceremonies with me, because SoldierMan was away training.


So I was very excited when she asked me to take some pictures for her and her husband. She found a beautiful park here in El Paso with grass and (not palm) trees and hills and a great view of the mountains.


Just goes to show that natural beauty is all around you as long as you are willing to seek it out :) Thanks, Sarah, for a wonderful shoot and a great new El Paso discovery!


  1. And thank YOU for the lovely pictures! =) I've been having fun picking out which ones to send to the fam!

    (I hope this doesn't post twice--I wasn't signed in before so it apparently disappeared.)


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