November 14, 2012

Bragging a Little Bit

So, yesterday I went to a brigade Volunteer Recognition event. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. All they told us was it was a buffet and casual. But, I was invited and I thought it would be interesting, so I went.

Imagine my surprise when the brigade FRSA mentioned casually we were each expected to go up in front of the group and get a certificate. I was really enjoying my table in the back of the room, but okay, yay for a certificate.

Then we go up to get a certificate, and lookie there!


I gots a medal!

The Commander’s Award for Public Service is the 4th highest award the Army can give a civilian. To get the next tier up, you have to be awarded by a Maj Gen, I think. (According to wikipedia, that is).

Anyway, there are plenty of people who do more than I do. So it’s not like I’m going to set it on my nightstand and fall asleep gazing at it or anything. But it’s not like the brigade has to do things like this, really. So in that sense, it’s pretty neat that they went to the trouble.

And I can’t lie, I’m plotzing a little. I now have Spurs and a medal.


  1. Aren't those awards fun?! I got mine last year and it was pretty intimidating haha. :) Congrats!

  2. Great job! Very proud of you - even if it's just a gesture, it is recognition for a great thing!

  3. Oh wow!! So cool! The curator at the museum I volunteered in gave me a coin...but a medal is WAY cooler! :) Good job!

  4. Look at you go! That is pretty fancy and very awesome. I'm sure you more than deserved it!

  5. Yup. You're awesome. Seriously, though, you totally deserve the medal.


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