October 3, 2012

‘Sup dog


Jeb says, “Hey.”

I realized the other day there have been some of changes around here that I haven’t updated about. Mostly because A) changes keep you busy and B) I was focused on getting my important feature posts…posted.

I’m sure you understand.

One of the major “changes” of sorts is I’ve officially re-started my photography business. Long story behind it, and you probably never knew I formerly had a photography business (another long story) but with Pre-D season upon us, a couple of lightbulb moments and honestly just having a blast taking pics for friends, I took the plunge and decided the time was right to try this whole photography-as-a-profession gig again. And I’m loving it and kicking myself for waiting so long to get started.

Over the weekend I had my first real honest-to-goodness client shoot here in Texas:






I’m very pleased with how it turned out, and I think they are, too. :) And I’ve got another booking this weekend. Very exciting!

Let’s see, other news. Oh, SoldierMan has a new job. That happened recently. We’d been waiting and waiting and been teased about him being moved to a new unit for months and months, and then it finally happened. Which meant I left my FRG Leader position at our last unit, as well (a blog post in itself that may never actually get written). Thankfully a fantastic spouse stepped up to take over and I’m already amazed at what she’s accomplished in that time. My biggest concern was leaving a hole when we finally did get moved, and while I wouldn’t have any control over that situation, knowing that our families are going to be taken care of by someone who cares and is more than capable of doing the job is a huge relief off my mind.

I guess I can’t say “our families” anymore, but I still think of them that way. :) They were awesome. I’ve only met a few people at the new place, and it’s a very different environment (which happens when you move MOSs, I guess – THAT’s a change) but we really like it. Oh, SoldierMan got moved from that Infantry co to a MI co. In case someone was curious. It’s a good move for him career-wise and we’re both really looking forward to plugging into our new community.

And, this year (2012-2013) I’m volunteering with the post Spouse Club. I do the newsletter. I like it. I like being informed about what’s going on around post, I like meeting all the different people and generally just being part of something.

Well, that only sounds like a couple of things but trust me, all of that combined with other general Army stuff has been enough to keep me busy the last few weeks. I gave myself a mental health day today to recover from a recent whirlwind of activity. Thankfully I’ve been able to keep my scatterbrained-head above water, primarily due to my brand new Erin Condren planner. Seriously, I have a horrible memory, and I have been writing every little thing in it to stay on track, but it’s working. It’s also somewhat debilitating, since I now can’t even go from room to room in my own house without taking my planner with me. But it’s the secret to my success, so I’m going with it.

And that’s what’s going on with us. :)


  1. The photos you posted are great!! =D I'm glad you're getting to do something you love.

    Do you feel relieved not being the FRG leader anymore?

  2. I love the photos you took, they are amazing!!!

  3. The coloring on those photos is beautiful! I'm even more excited for our session with you next weekend! =D

  4. Precious pictures! His eyes are so blue! It's amazing how different units can be. My husband was with division and the FRG was so unorganized. Now in this infantry unit, I almost feel bombarded and overwhelmed with the info and e-mails I get!

  5. Congrats on starting your photography business back up...your photos are great!

  6. Love the pictures, especially the last two!

  7. Your pictures turned out so cute! I love that first one with those bright blue eyes, and that last one with the letter blocks is too cute! And all the ones in between :) Good for you for starting up your business again. What a blessing for you and those you photograph!


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