October 8, 2012

Movie Monday: James Bond-y Stuff

Home improvement projects have kept me from doing a legit Movie Monday post, so I’m just throwing this out there and hoping somebody else is as crazy as I am.

So, the theme song for the new James Bond movie was released last week. Adele sings it. I’m probably the only XX chromosome American who doesn’t really like Adele, but I’m okay with that. Anyway, I heard the song and I was like, wow, this is really good. Here it is, if you haven’t heard it:

And it got stuck in my head. Or, portions did, I only listened to it once. But I was standing in Lowe’s and had this melody going through my head, when suddenly I started putting words to it…that were not the words Adele sang.

I wasn’t making up my own words.

They were the words from “You Know My Name,” the theme song for Casino Royale, the first Daniel Craig Bond movie. And suddenly I’m like, “I have to get home, because now I’m pretty sure that either these songs are very similar, or else I’m insane.”

This is “You Know My Name”:

This is the acoustic version, which probably shows it better than the movie version:

This is probably due to the fact that I loved Casino Royale and listened to the theme about 1500 times that year. So it’s basically ingrained in my memory banks. But I don’t think I’m totally crazy here. I swear there are similar melodies.

Does anyone else hear that? Anyone? Please???


  1. I definitely think there are some similarities between the two - you aren't crazy lol.

  2. You aren't crazy, I can hear the similarities. Also, I don't really care for Adele either.

  3. I can tell some similarities!

    I like Adele ;)

  4. I like some Adele songs but some she just seems really whiny.


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