September 11, 2012


So, if you follow me on twitter or pinterest, you already know that I’m really into Doctor Who. The new series. The old ones are on Netflix but honestly 60s British television is a bridge too far, even for me. Anyway, I’m sorry I waited so long to get into it. I won’t say it’s the greatest sci-fi series ever, but it is my current obsession and darn good television.

Much of the success of the show actually falls on The Doctor’s companions:

Source: via Jaci on Pinterest


And if you follow me on twitter or pinterest, it’s no secret, Donna is my favorite.


I know, I know, Rose will always be special. But Donna…Donna is the female everyman. She’s not the Blonde, she’s not the real doctor who knows everything about everything, she’s not the sex symbol. She’s just a temp from Cheswick, who lives a totally average life, in the same house with her mom. And yet, she’s the most important woman in all of creation.


She’s also freaking hilarious. Where most of the companions are the “straight men” to The Doctor’s madness, she can match him quip for quip, and usually steals the scene.


I can’t go into more about why I love her without introducing major, major spoilers. But I also love her because I love her story. She was only on one season, but I think her storyline is the best of the companions. It’s deep and realistic, and I bawled the first time I watched it. I still tear up a bit.


And when I watch reruns, I watch the Donna episodes. Because she’s awesome. She’s funny and brash and sensitive and compassionate and tough all at once.


Seriously, if you are skeptical about Doctor Who, start with the Donna episodes. Cause she’s awesome.

Who’s you’re favorite companion?


  1. I knew I liked you! haha I LOVE Doctor Who! And, Donna was one of my favorites. I was sad she was gone so quickly. I do like Amy but I might be ready for a new companion.

  2. You know, I love Donna! I really liked that she wasn't "in love" with the Doctor. The Doctor & Donna had the best relationship out of all the companions, in my opinion.

  3. I'm still a big Rose fan, but it was the Rose episodes that first got me hooked. I always loved Donna's relationship with the doctor, because they were just friends.

    So it turns out the actress that plays Donna is a comedian in her own right and has or had her own sketch comedy show. I saw a clip from it online somewhere just the other day, in which David Tennant was the guest star. She plays a snotty student. Did you see it? For all I know I could have found the link from you. I don't remember now. :)

  4. Donna Noble was a force, from the very first scene when she squawked in outrage. She was never intimidated by the Doctor, or anyone.

    And yeah, Catherine Tate is a hysterical comedienne. Her Lauren Cooper character is a riot. The clip Charla is referring to is this one: Also very funny, Lauren meets the Queen (, and Tony Blair (

  5. I was never a huge Doctor Who fan, but I love Catherine Tate. I noticed a few others pointed out to watch the Catherine Tate Show, particularly her Lauren sketches are hysterical.

    And on the side, if you do like the Lauren Cooper sketches, then you may also like Vicky Pollard on Little Brittan, which is way more over the top and hysterical than Catherine Tate.


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