September 19, 2012


As I’ve said, we’re heading to Disney for leave (YAY) and while we’re there, we’re going to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. We’ve been during the fall before, but never to the Halloween Party.

Now, I know I’m famous for my Boo Humbug spirit…if you’re new around here, I kind of count the days until the Halloween season is over…and I loathe that there is a season. It may have something to do with the fact that my birthday is the day before Halloween.

Anyway, typically I wouldn’t dress up, but we’re going to DISNEY for a Halloween party! So we have to dress up, right? So, I’ve been brainstorming with SoldierMan for ideas, and we’ve narrowed it down to a few options. Of course, there is some qualifying criteria:

>The costumes have to be easy to transport. We’re flying to Disney, so they can’t take up much room.
>They can’t be too expensive. Obviously.
>They have to be comfortable. We’ll be wearing them, mostly outdoors, for at least 8 hours in Florida. Yes, in the fall, but the last time we went (the exact same week we’re going this time, btw) I wore shorts.

That being said, here’s what I’m down to:

Option 1
Where’s Waldo and Carmen Sandiego

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest


*Fairly Simple. Finding the red trench and hat would be the hardest part.
*Easy to put in a suitcase.
*Instantly Recognizable

*Have to find the trench and hat
*Hats and a coat = things to keep track of.
*Long sleeves might get hot

Option 2
Captain America and Black Widow

Source: via Marcus on Pinterest


*Instantly recognizable
*I already have the hair
*We wouldn’t bring the shield, so no real accessories to keep track of

*No way I can make these. That means $$$$
*Also might get warm
*Body suit. Need I say more.

Option 3
Indiana Jones and Lara Croft

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest


*Easy, we already have almost everything except the hat and whip.
*We can buy the hat and whip at Disney at the Indiana Jones attraction
*Fun but not too sexy for Disney (or me)

*“So who are you supposed to be?”
*I’d be tempted to get a wig so I can do the braid, which = hot & $$$
*They wouldn’t let me carry a toy gun.

So, there you go. That’s what we’re tossing between, including Option 4 which is “Go as civilians.” Which is just as viable an option as the others.

No matter what we choose, it’ll mean getting started on pulling it all together…really soon. So we need to make a decision. Thoughts?


  1. I was (Where's) Waldo last year for a 5K I ran. I'm not sure people got it, though which is never fun. I thought it was a brilliant costume, though! :) I would drop the stuff I bought in the mail for ya, but I've already cut the fabric and used it for something else. Plus, I doubt your husband wants to wear a red trench coat and hat. Haha I can't wait to see what you choose. I do so love Halloween.

  2. I love all of these! Great ideas! Do you have to do the costumes together like they are in the pictures? My picks for you guys are Waldo and Black Widow (maybe you could do just a light-weight black shirt tucked into black pants...I feel you on the cat suit! lol!). I think those would be the most cost efficient and transportable. Whatever you choose will be awesome...I'm so excited for y'all!

  3. These are all great ideas! I really like the where's waldo and carmen sandiego! :)

  4. How fun! I'm not sure people would get the carmen san diego at first glance. I didn't recognize it.

    I just saw some really cute Disney Up costumes (some there at the Disney halloween party). They would be easy- old man, boy scout suit, or ellie!

    Or I vote for Laura Croft and Indiana Jones.

  5. Waldo and Carmen, definitely. There is not a second of doubt in my mind! The trench would be hard, but if all else fails, you could probably make the hat with your new sewing skills. Start with a red beanie or something for the head form and then just sew on the rest. (I don't really know what I'm talking about, but it might be worth a try.) Bottom line: you HAVE to do that costume!

  6. I have that long brown wig that you could braid and use for Laura Croft, which I totally got looking at that photo before reading it.

    If you wanted to do UP, as Alison suggested, I have my boy scout uniform still, just no merit badge sash. But you could make that with felt and possibly find old patches at thrift stores.

  7. You should totally go as option one! I think right now a lot of people will be going as option 2.


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