August 16, 2012

Furry Friday

While SoldierMan and the guys are at NTC, I’ve been helping out one of the single soldiers with his dogs. He lives near us and needed someone to make sure his dogs are fed and exercised till they get back. So, every day I go over there and give them food and water and a walk.


I’m not used to little guys – even the boxer feels small compared to my boys – so that’s been fun. I’m pretty solidly a big dog gal, but they are a fun change from my guys.

Speaking of my guys…

NTC is wearing on SoldierMan’s dog


Poor Achilles. He’s so ignored.


I can tell when the “missing SoldierMan” is at a high, because Achilles will randomly come need snuggles. Usually after coming inside and checking the office to see if SoldierMan is suddenly home playing on the computer. Of course, he isn’t. So the puppy needs consoling.

Jeb is always ready to cuddle. Always. He’s my 100 lb cuddlebug.


Any time I’m on the couch, he’s right there with me, ready to nap and snuggle at a moment’s notice.


I only had one bone left, so I gave Achilles the bone and gave Jeb an empty small Coke bottle. I know, that sounds very unfair. But I knew that Jeb would be satisfied with a Coke bottle, and he was. He was so satisfied that the rest of the afternoon he made sure it was always right with him. Even when he was snuggling with me, he had to keep the bottle under his chin or in his mouth at all times.

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  1. He has a Boston and a Boxer? That's what I want!!! :)

    Looks like you were surrounded by furry love - can't go wrong with that!

  2. A few months ago I would have been totally with you on the big dog thing...I still think the bigger, the better but as our real babies get bigger, the idea of having a lap dog (not a soccer a medium 20lb-ish) would be nice. All my babies are quickly outgrowing me :(


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