August 10, 2012

Furry Friday

Welcome to my very first Furry Friday link-up! If you have a furry (or feathered, or scaled) friend you want to share with us, you can link up at the bottom!

Tuesday night I had intended to attend an event on post, but the sky threatened rain. The week before, I gave the dogs a bath by myself for the first time, and I was in NO hurry to repeat that experience! They’re big fellas, and they hate taking a bath, so it’s something of an hour-long sudsy wrestling match.

Anyway, Tuesday night I stayed home because if it rained at all, it meant mudholes in the backyard – and another bath night. No, thank you!

Wednesday morning, I let the boys outside around 6:00, like usual. And I left them out there and went back to bed. About an hour later I’m woken up by a loud BANG against the outside wall, and then some manic backdoor scratching asking to come inside. So I get up to let them in.

And this is what I find:



Somehow, during their routine morning exercise, they turned on the water hose. And flooded the back yard.


Sorry about the poor angles. I didn’t really want to wade to the other side of the yard for a better picture.
And I’m sitting on top of the doghouse to take most of these. To protect the camera.
Okay, I’ll stop apologizing for the poor photography skills now :)

Of course, I was the only one who saw this as a problem. The dogs were having a blast.




I went inside thinking I could just leave them out to play and drink my coffee in peace, but no dice…


Now they knew I was awake, it was time for the pack to be together.

It was a pretty traumatic experience (for them) trying to get them inside without getting too much mess in the house. So we consoled ourselves with our favorite movie, “Up.”


If you’re new around here, “Up” is Jeb’s favorite movie. He likes to watch TV, but he loves “Up.”

And that was all before 9:00.

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  1. You know...people pay good money to play and soak in the mud like that...just sayin'. Love those boys! Looking forward to reading more Furry Friday posts!

  2. I particularly love the movie picture. He looks so focused.

  3. I can never get over how big your doggies are! I know there are bigger dogs out there, but yours just have that "tall and lean" look about them. Lol. I'll definitely try to remember this next week so I can link up with Lady!

  4. I will be more prepared for this next week! For now I linked up an older post. ;-)


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