August 3, 2012

Fur Baby Friday

He’s such a silly little punk:


He was wanting attention. He got it.

This guy LOVES empty Coke bottles. He loved this one so much, he fell asleep with it in his mouth:


Life is hard on Achilles when SoldierMan is gone. Achilles is hard on me when SoldierMan is gone. But he bounces between cranky and mopey/clingy when SoldierMan is gone. The mornings are usually mopey/clingy:


He crawled up next to me early one morning and just laid his head on my shoulder and wanted to snuggle. Yes, I keep the remotes in the bed when SoldierMan is gone. Why not?

This….this is Cranky Achilles.


I don’t know what I was doing, but it wasn’t what he wanted. He felt ignored, so he ignored me right back.

And this…this is them watching me make myself a bubble bath.


I see a bath. They see a splash pool. And, oddly, a snack. Apparently bubbles taste good?

This is another struggle when SoldierMan is gone – getting quiet time with two LARGE rambunctious clingy puppies. I could just put then outside for a while, but it’s so hot 24/7 I don’t like doing that unless I really have to. And the only way they’ll learn that “Don’t bother me” means “Don’t bother me” is on-the-job training. *sigh* Guess I’ll just HAVE to take more bubble baths! :)

I’m thinking of starting this back up as a weekly thing, with a link-up. Would you be interested? Would you want to design a button? ;)


  1. I would definitely join the link-up with photos of my "fur baby"


  2. Achilles reminds me so much of my Murray. It's a little bitter-sweet but I love it. Sweet boys!

  3. If you do it weekly, you might make me crazy cat ladyness more public.

  4. Your dogs are adorable! Even if they come attitudes! ;)

  5. Love your dog posts, as a Mom to 3 Huskies, I truly love your posts!

  6. I love how sassy your dogs all. You can tell they have such an opinion on life in each picture.

    1. Yes! Love to see and hear about those pups!


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