July 11, 2012

Troopathon V is Tomorrow

This is a great event to share with your family, friends and followers! Troopathon is having its 5th annual event tomorrow to raise money for care packages for servicemembers.

From the website:

Troopathon is a once-a-year event held by Move America Forward (MAF) which is a
non-profit charity dedicated to serving those who protect us: our brave troops.
Troopathon V is a month-long care package drive that culminates in a star-studded
8-hour web-a-thon broadcast on July 12th from the Army Depot in Sacramento, CA.

Some Useful Facts About Troopathon:
• Troopathon is a non-partisan non-political effort. We work with celebrities from Hollywood, television, the music industry, sports heroes and athletes, bloggers, journalists, radio personalities, academics, experts in the field, and elected officials to bring together a wide variety of guests to support our troops.
• This year Troopathon is hosted by Melanie Morgan who continues to be a voice for our troops through her career behind the microphone at KSFO radio in San Francisco.
• This year’s program is dedicated to the memory of Andrew Breitbart, who was a guest host for the past 3 Troopathon broadcasts and a dedicated supporter of the troops. We will celebrate his life and honor the troops he gave so much of his time for.
• Past Troopathons have included an amazing array of guests from every type of industry.
• Past Troopathon events have raised over $3.6 million for our troops. Last year, Troopathon raised over $500,000 but we’d like to break that total this year!
• Care Packages sponsored through Troopathon are the easiest way to donate to the troops. No running to the store, no confusing customs forms and postal regulations. Simply donate with your credit card and MAF’s team of dedicated volunteers will send the care packages on your behalf. It’s also tax-deductible!
• Each care package includes a special note written by the donor expressing their appreciation for the sacrifice our troops make. Packages can be sponsored for as low as $25 for a single serviceman, up to $1,000 for a Battalion Pack which will serve up to 60 soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen.
• Troopathon happens on July 12, 2012 at 1PM Pacific time, 4PM Eastern live from the Army Depot in Sacramento, CA. You can view on www.troopathon.org. If you miss the 8 hour broadcast you can still find videos and information on the website right now, leading up to, and after the show.
We’re proud of the success we’ve had in fighting to make America an even greater nation. Unlike those who constantly criticize our great nation and our military men and women, we see a future where freedom and liberty create endless opportunities for Americans and our friends and allies in a more secure world.

As the website says, this year’s Troopathon is dedicated to former host Andrew Breitbart, who died in February. Andrew was an outspoken, passionate supporter of the troops, which was why he was involved in Troopathon from the get-go. If you watched past events, you saw that he was willing to do anything to get people to buy care packages fro the troops, including cut his iconic long hair in exchange for a donation. He also was a frequenter/supporter of Wounded Warrior events and took his son along to those events to teach him firsthand about real-life heroes. In fact, his family’s home backs up to the Los Angeles National Cemetery. Even though the realtor told him the location wasn’t good for property values, Andrew felt it increased the home’s value to be in the presence of those who had lost their lives serving our country.

You can go to troopathon.org for more specific information about the event as well as graphics and links you can share on your own media outlets. And be sure and tune in tomorrow at troopathon.org – you never know what’s going to happen!


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